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It’s been a fun couple of days for Sega.  In their most recent financial report, the company indicates a slight uptick in their fiscal year net income.  Spanning the months of April-December of 2009, Sega had some impressive sales, for multiple games.  The most successful of these was Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games, which over that span moved 5.6 million units.

Perhaps even more surprising than that, however, are the sales numbers put up by sexy action newcomer Bayonetta.  The action/adventure title from Hideki Kamiya, the same creator as Devil May Cry, moved 1.1 million units from October 29th until the end of December. This is especially impressive when you consider the fact that during that time, the game was exclusive to Japan, and didn’t hit the United States until January.

It’s nice to see those numbers for such a solid title, and hopefully when the US numbers are released, they’ll be just as promising. As you can tell from our review of Bayonetta, as well as the reviews of many others, it deserves all the success and attention it’s getting.

Source: Joystiq

  1. I still need to get this, but there are just too many other awesome games out there to play right now.

  2. I’m really glad this game is selling well, but eh… I bought and played this game, this game isn’t the 9/10 service most reviews are giving it. Bayonetta falls in line with the God of War and Devil May Cry, it doesn’t do anything to step the genre forward. Its a really good game, but I’d say without question that GoW2 and DMC3 are much better.

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