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The launch of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is drawing ever closer, and today EA has revealed details of some downloadable content that will be deployed on the day of release. The day one DLC will consist of two multiplayer maps entitled Nelson Bay and Laguna Alta, both of which are previewed in the above video.

Once the game has launched on March 2nd (March 5th for European territories), new adopters can gain free access to the map pack from an enclosed VIP code, much in the same vein as Mass Effect 2. It will not be freely available if you purchase the game pre-owned, however, and an additional map pack is also scheduled for release later in March.

“These first two map packs are just the beginning. We’re planning ongoing support for the community by always keeping the experience fresh and ensuring the best possible gameplay experience,” Senior Producer Patrick Bach stated.

It’s a shame that Battlefield 1943 didn’t receive the same sort of deserved treatment, but the prospect of continued support for Bad Company 2 in order to extend its playability is indeed enticing. Roll on next month.

Source: Joystiq

  1. Can’t wait for this game. Too bad the demo is down… guess I’ll have to rock 1943 to get my Battlefield fix until Tuesday.

    • avatar Ally Macrae

      Hi Mark, You’re probbly too busy to reply as it’s tuesday morning in the US now, but we (Scotland) don’t get it till 5th March, so wondered if it’s as good as the beta/demo?? Cheers

  2. Good news. I hope they’ll toss a ton of new content into the game–glad to be getting the first of it free.

  3. I want this so bad, but I’ve been playing too much fps with MW2

  4. Well, now I need to buy BC2.

  5. So I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon yesterday. It should be here next Tuesday, so I’ll be ready kick some ass.

  6. avatar vicmo

    just got it…..fu*ing awesome man….its gonna give the modern warfare series some serious competition really

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