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We’ve been reporting about the R18+ rating debacle for the last year or so, where adult gaming in Australia has become hampered by an outdated, complicated and generally ridiculous scheme that bans any title that doesn’t fit the requirements of your standard 15 yr old.

In December last year, the federal government of Oz released a discussion paper on the subject and invited the public to make submissions for or against the introduction of an R18+ rating for gamers. 3 months on, and there has been a resounding response from the gaming community, local industry and general concerned public in support of the rating.

How successful has it been? Most public submission calls usually rope in a few thousand responses at the most. This one has brought in a whopping 22,000+ submissions. These aren’t just signatures folks, since they can range from a simple template based response, to full blown 17 page researched and referenced essays. In any case, every single one is obligated to be published and submitted to the Attorney General.

Based on answers to questions asked from the Senate Estimates committee (Page 23), over 6000 valid submissions had been received by department at the end of January. Of those responses, only around 1000 had been processed, with an amazing 99% in support of a R rating. That’s not only unanimous, but what many pundits would call a freaking landslide.

Additionally, Pro-R18+ lobby group “Grow Up Australia” teamed up with retailer EB Games to push the campaign into hundreds of stores. Signs and staff directed customers to a website where the submission form could be filled out quickly and easily.

At the conclusion of the campaign, which only went for about a month, an astounding 16,055 submissions were completed and submitted to the department.

Submissions close in 3 days, on the 28th of February. If you’re an Aussie and want to make your voice known, now is your last chance! Get the submission forms here.

  1. Is there any way to help if you’re foreign to Australia?

  2. Well, if nothing changes, those 22,000 attempts will be in vain. Here’s hoping the push is successful.

  3. This is great news! Hopefully us aussies will get R18+! I’d like to know how many of these submissions are from people who aren’t exactly gamers though.

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