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If you’re one of the many legitimate gamers who’ve been affected by anti-piracy technology, Ubisoft is about to blast you away with their latest ploy.  Assassin’s Creed 2 is due out for the PC next month, and Ubisoft is doing everything it can to protect its gem.

In a controversial anti-piracy method, Ubisoft is requiring players to have a constant uninterrupted internet connection.  Without an internet link, you won’t even be able to start the game, and anytime your connection fails, you’ll be booted from the single player game.

PC Gamer Tom Francis posted on his findings on his blog:

If you try to launch the game when you’re not online, you hit an error message right away. So I tried a different test: start the game while online, play a little, then unplug my net cable. This is the same as what happens if your net connection drops momentarily, your router is rebooted, or the game loses its connection to Ubisoft’s ‘Master servers’. The game stopped, and I was dumped back to a menu screen – all my progress since it last autosaved was lost.

If at anytime your connection fails, you’re booted from the game and lose all your unsaved data.  Similarly, if at anytime the ‘Master Servers’ go down, you’re booted from the game and lose all your unsaved data.  If Ubisoft has learned anything, it should be that anti-pirating technology affects the honest consumer more than it affects pirating.

Take for example EA’s Spore, in attempt to deter pirating, the game  limited the amount of times a player could run the install.  The result: EA was met with a huge backlash, and ironically, Spore became the most pirated game of 2008.

Unfortunately, piracy is slowly chipping away at the market, and such anti-pirating schemes are only making the problem worse.  The only viable solution at the moment is to make the experience much better for the consumer rather than worse.


  1. Desmond Says: “For aspiring assassins, a good ISP is an Ani-must!”

  2. Paranoia killed the video-game.

  3. This kind of crap really pisses me off. Why should upstanding gamers like myself be punished cause pirates (who were never going to buy the game to begin with) stole it? Publishers need to realize that the best DRM adds value to the game, not detracts from it. So far Valve is the only company to take this approach and it seems to be working out for them…

  4. I make it a point to get the PC versions of most action games that I like.

    They lost at least one sale.

  5. wow…way to go Ubisoft.

  6. If only they tried something more clever, like what was done to Batman

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