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[Each week, our goal is to scour our news posts, Gamer Limit blogs, and our forums looking for topics that make us laugh, sit in shock, or just sit in confusion making us ask the question: WTF?  The top three stories from the Gamer Limiters who make us evoke those reactions will be featured in our brand new editorial called Three Jeers of the Week. So c'mon Limiters, if you find something interesting, let us know about it.  You could be the feature for everyone to see.]

Three Jeers of the Week returns after the holiday hiatus.  The last time we were together we focused on the shame behind the industry, but this week we return with a different approach.  This week’s attention is on our blogging community, and what we realized is that we shouldn’t be playing video games.

It’s not because it turns people into fat slobs and diminishes creativity.  On the contrary, it prevents us from experiencing real life video game scenarios, and the slightest mistakes will have the largest ripple effects.  

1 Jeer - Why joining a PUG raid is like going to the ghetto

This week, Nofuneral wrote a savvy piece comparing a Pick Up Group (PUG) in World of Warcraft to going to the Ghetto.  In it, he compares the unexpected and illogical nature of a PUG to Dave Chappelle’s skit Killing Them Softly.

The parallelism between the two is quite hilarious, and the point being made is that everyone should experience a PUG, as well as visit a ghetto, so that we can better appreciate the things we have in life.

2 Jeers - 10 Things I Should Be Doing Other Than Gaming

Gamer Limit welcomes its newest blogging member, Swallow, by making her first post a part of this week’s Three Jeers of the Week.  She hails from down under and probably rides a kangaroo to work.

Aside from that, her first post includes a mixture of personal hobbies that are constructive as well as comical.  My favorite is number seven on her list: Starting an organised crime ring.  What can I say, there’s nothing like a good crime syndicate to help keep the drugs flowing.

3 Jeers – Two Worlds Water Element Achievement

Mr. Jimmy Lofton receives three jeers this week for making the biggest blunder of his gaming career.  After creating a new game so that he could accomplish one of Two World‘s hardest and most death-defying achievements, he accidentally saved that progress over his main save file, which he invested over 20+ hours in.  Heinous.

Notable Mention – Steve Nash wants you to vote for him to be on this year’s NBA all-star team, because he’s…

  1. I’m guessing 3 jeers is worse than 1 or 2, lol. At least I came in first in something.

  2. It’s only because we love you Jimmy.

  3. What me jeered? Why me laugh?

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