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Today Blizzard revealed that there will be a Protoss “mini-campaign” integrated into the Terran-centric singleplayer campaign in StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

According to a forum post by Stefanie Gwinner, Blizzard’s European RTS community manager, “I can confirm that there will be a Protoss mini-campaign that lets you control Protoss units.” She went on to say “This part of the campaign mode is of course way shorter than the Terran part, but it is very fun to have a very different playstyle to add even more variety to the game. [Y]ou won’t be using all units or getting to know buildings and upgrades.”

In case you forgot, StarCraft II is being released in three parts, each focusing on one of the playable races. The first installment, dubbed “Wings of Liberty,” tells the Terran story. The Zerg come next in “Heart of the Swarm,” and the Protoss round out the trilogy in “Legacy of the Void.”

Wings of Liberty is tentatively scheduled to arrive the first half of this year.


  1. I’m utterly confused as to how Starcraft II is going to be sold at this point.

  2. I’m assuming this means that as part of the Terran campaign you get to take control of a Protoss base and some of it’s units. I will be very shocked if suddenly in the middle of the Terran campaign you suddenly start playing as the Protoss themselves. It just MAKES NO SENSE!

  3. Finally a strategy game to look forward to! I am getting sick of all these stupid shooters that come out. They’re all the same.

    1. Go online
    2. Die within 5 seconds
    3. Go back to 2

    At least with strategy games you use strategy lol.

  4. I’ll stick with playing Red Alert 2. :P

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