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Fresh from today’s sleep-inducing CES conference in Las Vegas, Kaz Hirai has confirmed the long rumoured plans for Sony’s expansion of the PSN to other devices.

Pretentious PR spiel aside, a single PSN network ID is said to be accessible across all Sony media products and services, which means the virtual wallet you use to purchase  games will also work universally. Starting from the beginning of next month, Sony’s video service will also be available though Bravia Tvs, Blu-Ray devices and PCs.

In conjunction with this new network Kaz Hirai also announced the birth of a new division within the company, aptly named Sony Entertainment Network.

  1. Some idiot on MW2 sent me a spam message claiming that SONY was planning on charging for online play in 2010. The message directed me to forward it to ten ppl to keep that from happening lol. Thanks to Gamer Limit I knew the truth and extinguished that bit of ignorance.

    • avatar Konstantin

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  2. avatar Laaza

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