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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, billed as a re-imagining of the classic horror franchise, was released last year to decidedly solid reviews.  In fact, Gamer Limit’s own Andrew Kauz gave it an 8.5 in his review.

Given the relatively positive reception the game received, it seems that developer Climax Group still wants another shot at the series, which is published by Konami. In a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, lead designer Sam Barlow cited his team’s fondness for Silent Hill:

“We’ve always loved working on the series. Since Origins we’ve spent a lot of time with the series. For us we felt we’ve put our stamp on the series with Shattered Memories so we’d love the opportunity to do another one.”

He’s not alone.  Game director Mark Simmons thinks that this has been the first Silent Hill since the first two “where people are saying it has its own identity,” and expressed desire to take this momentum and move forward.

After playing through Shattered Memories, do any of you think that another title in the same style would be fitting?  Or is this best left as a “one and done” sort of deal?  Share you thoughts!

Source: Edge-Online

  1. Given Climax Groups experience with the series, another installment by them is most likely bound to happen. I just hope Konami hasn’t abandoned any plans for the next actual sequel.

  2. avatar Jordan Garski

    Shattered Memories was good but the series is still far away from the peak it was at with 2 and 3

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