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I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe rumors leaked through the GameSpot forums.  Unfortunately, I’m also the kind of person who loves juicy rumors, especially when they are about the newest entry in the Fallout series, Fallout: New Vegas.

Well it appears that a GameSpot forum user has posted a ton of information about the new Fallout game, which will be debuted in the upcoming issue of Game Informer. I’ve compiled a complete list of the rumors, which can be viewed after the jump, but I must warn you that this all comes from a so called “trusted source” who apparently has inside connections to the magazine.  For all we know, this information could be completely false.

  • Similar to Dragon Age: Origins, at character creation the player can select from different background stories. The first few hours of the game are different depending on which background you choose, and you get some unique perks based on your background when the main game begins.
  • One background story is shown, Chinese Agent. The background story takes place before the bombs fell. The player is part of a team of Crimson Dragoons infilitrating Hoover Dam. You manage to sneak through the Americans’ defenses, set explosives, and head to an extraction point, but your escape is cut off by American soldiers in Power Armor. The player and other survivors of the Crimson Dragoons take refuge in a cave in the canyons, where they commit hari kari with cyanide capsules. The player about to do the same when the bombs fall. The background story ends an indeterminate time later, when the player exits the cave, removes his helmet, and sees his ghoulish reflection in the waters of the Colorado River.
  • The background story segues into character creation. The player can customize the appearance of the ghoul, and you see you start the game with two unique perks. One, similar to the Ghoul Mask in Fallout 3, makes Feral Ghouls non-aggro. The other makes the player immune to radiation sickness and allows the player to discharge accumulated radiation in a blast similar to a Glowing Ghoul, healing the player and any mutants while damaging all non-mutants in range.
  • By default, the Chinese Agent has the skills Sneak, Small Arms, and Explosives tagged and SPECIAL stats set, although the player can modify their tagged skills and stats if they don’t like the template.
  • One character background option is Lone Wanderer. This selection has no background story or template and is a complete blank slate for players.
  • The SPECIAL system used will be similar to Fallout 3, but skills will be harder to cap and one character will not be able to become a master of all skills. The article is not very specific because apparently it’s something the developers are still tweaking.
  • Gambling will return, but not as a skill. Your Luck stat will effect gambling results. You can attempt to cheat at cards using your Sneak skill or hack slot machines using your Science skill.
  • There will be vehicles. The desert of New Vegas dwarfs the Capital Wasteland and you will need transportation to get around and explore it. You will acquire a vehicle several hours into the main quest. You can customize your vehicle with parts bought at shops or won through racing circuits and quests. Vehicles will not be common, but you will encounter road gangs, merchant caravans, and other vehicles in the wastes. The open desert is home to some very large mutant creatures, like giant radscorpions and sandworms, that will attack your vehicle.
  • New Vegas has a coliseum run by a slaver gang called the Caesar’s Legion. You can gamble on and participate in arena fights.
  1. avatar uncle robbie

    If you source made this up maybe he should be working with Obsidian because these ideas sound interesting.

  2. I don’t know how I feel about a Fallout game coming from anyone other than Bethesda. It might be good, but it could very well be quite the opposite.

  3. i am torn i disliked fallout 3 yet i love all things vegas, what to do?

    • avatar Anonymous

      how can you hate fallout 3 you stupid bitck

    • avatar Jack Mehoff

      ur a fag how can u not absolutely love fallout. It;s the best game ever made. Go back to your Wii, Asian! Or go play dance dance revolution, that will probably be a perfect fit for u, QUEER!

    • avatar Anonymous

      i agree with cynical monkey, i must be a fag so i that how it works?? didnt like the feel of fallout 3 whatsoever, couldnt get into it and thats not from lack of trying….u fag

  4. I think you should give it a try. As things you didn’t like about F3, may have been Bethesda things, whereas Obsidian may give you a better experience although I am intrigued how they handle exploration as it isn’t something I would consider them being “proven” for, yet it was one of the most satisfying elements of F3. If they can combine the elements of exploration with some more solid gameplay, which I would say they have been proven for, I am 100% sold on this game.

  5. avatar Jazz

    This sounds more like a debauched fan trying to get the sequel to come out faster.

  6. @paul

    what else have obsidian done?

  7. As a kid who grew up in Vegas, I’m so excited for this game. I’m extremely interested to see how they’re going to portray the desolate landscape combined with the city.

  8. avatar Chaswick

    This Game will be righteous considering the most important members of the Fallout 1/2 dev teams are doing this one. @cynical monkey They did Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2.

  9. avatar nakugaka

    i do hope they use the same engine like fallout 3 called Gamebryo
    also i do hope they keep an editor in there or else i am out i think because i love the freedom in such games well maybe for the lore also look at the site of the trailer {© 2010 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved.} is written underneat it and also Obsidian and Bethesda logos are both onto it so personally i think it will be ok

  10. avatar fallout the master

    fallout rocks

  11. avatar mr awesome

    obsidian did borderlands too…i think. im not sure

  12. avatar Oolong Dao

    hmm this is weird. they mentioned none of this at E3 no ghoul no backstory no vehicles. chance are those were all made up prabably taking advantage of a translation issue or good ol fashioned misleading promotion.

    it’s safe to say at this point if they haven’t showed them at E3 it’s prabably not real.

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