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Colored Game Boy

Well, here it is: your very own anti-drug commercial. It’s been a while since the last Retro Ad, but Game Boy has brought us back with a bang.

There’s nothing I like more than buying a brand new Game Boy, downing an entire bottle of Swiss absinthe, and then tripping balls as “I SEE RED” sears itself into my brain.

Yellow is bananas? It sure is, Nintendo. It sure is.

  1. There are simply no words ….

  2. I have a clear one and I think I’m officially scared of it after watching this.

  3. If I may say so, that video was most righteous.

  4. This gave me a Paul McCartney style revelation – “There are five colors…”

  5. I remember back when it was okay to use the term “Colored” Game Boy, instead of “African American” Game Boy. We’re so PC now!

  6. It was right about the time these colors were released that I was able to finally afford the beige Game Boy.

  7. How dare they skip over my nice Violet gameboy? That thing has seen me through oh so many random games.

  8. I remember seeing this fairly vividly as a kid. I had the see-through one.

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