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After plenty of terrible secondary character ideas, SEGA has finally listened to its fans and is delivering the goods: a 2D Sonic game.  No secondary characters, “playable or otherwise,” according to the SEGA blog.

Also, they’ve graciously bestowed a piece of concept art from the new game to the legions of fans sure to come running back to their once-favorite company, and you can see it yourself after the jump.  Excited yet?

Project Needlemouse concept crabSource: SEGA America blog

  1. This has potential to be amazing. I hope it’s on something other than Wii.

  2. Why is it still called Project Needlemouse

  3. The question is: is it following suit with Mega Man 9, or is it HD?

  4. My guess it will be an XBLA/PSN/WiiWare downloadable game.

  5. Haven’t they already made plenty of Sonic games like thos on the DS? Why is everyone so excited?

  6. @Shawn
    Because the DS games had “friends”. The chief complaint of old school Sonic fans is how much the friends ruin what Sonic stood for in the first place.

  7. Now, what I wanna know is, why does his friends ruin what Sonic stands for? What did Sonic stand for that his friends ruin? I have played only one Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles, so keep in mind that I’m pretty behind the times, here.

  8. Sonic 1, 2, and 3 were just about Sonic running really fast, and taking names. Tails was a side part of the game, and the camera didn’t even follow him.

    Then Knuckles joined, and he was pretty badass, so people didn’t mind much.

    Then Sonic Adventure came. In order to get 100% completion, you had to beat the game with Amy (from Sonic CD), and Big the Cat. Mind you, Amy was an awful female sonic that killed people with a squishy hammer, and Big was a stupid looking fat cat who attacked things with a fishing pole: this is also known as “jumping the shark”, and can be compared to when Transformers started having terrible add-on “cons” for ratings post Season 1. Sonic was no longer about running really fast, but stopping, smelling the roses, and hitting stuff with a hammer.

    Ever since Adventure 1, they’ve been stuffing furries in our faces: Ruby is just another example of an unnecessary character. Fans have been asking for almost a decade if Sonic can just get back to his roots: plain old Sonic as the main and only character, running fast, and having fun.

    Here’s a great article by Tim on Sonic:

  9. I can kind of see what you’re saying, but the problem seems to be less about the characters (Tails and Knuckles were cool, and Chaotix was pretty fun), and more about how some new characters do completely un-Sonicky things.

    I guess if this ensures that there won’t be any ridiculous stuff, that’s cool; but I really don’t think such drastic measures have to be taken. Either way, I guess that’s a step in the right direction (again, I wouldn’t know), but I’m kind of disappointed to not have tails or knuckles, personally.

  10. I think most people can deal with Tails and Knuckles guest starring in the game at the most. They both had sonic spin, and did Sonic-y things (as you call it :D ).

  11. Despite the fact that I’ve been disappointed by every Sonic release of late, I’m pumped for this one.

  12. @ Simon

    Me too, it could finally be a return to form. Sega have been doing well lately, maybe they have learnt their lessons from so many failed Sonic games.

  13. Yeah, I’m pretty pumped for this. If it only comes out on XBLA/PSN it’ll probably give me the push I need to get XBL. Also the Game Overthinker did a really good video on why Sonic failed and what Sega could do to make him awesome game. I’d give the link but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to on this site.

  14. Oh, and here I was thinking that character would be Sonichu.
    Not really going to get excited until I play the game, at least in demo form. And even then, it feels weird knowing the only possible way Sonic can move forward now is to stay exactly how he started out. There are enough games already which have tried to resell our childhoods to us and if I really wanted to revisit those memories I’d probably just play the original games.

  15. Sonic Adventures 1&2 were both great! Though after that they have been porting characters from their comics one by one. Needlemouse needn’t be so shrouded in mystery, though; we all worked out what it was months back!

  16. I’m confused as to why some ppl are assuming that this will be a down-loadable title.

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