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Good ol’ Pokémon. For over a decade now, you have been to little boys and girls (and creepy, grown men) as cake is to us fatties. Easy, sweet, and delicious, and after it’s all gone, you’re hankerin’ for some more. With the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver looming on the horizon, Nintendo and Game Freak have announced that each copy of the game will be bundled with the Pokéwalker.

A neat little device, the Pokéwalker will let players take their Pokémon everywhere they go, without the need of their trusty Nintendo DS or DSi. Hit the jump for more details about this great Poké-accessory!

With the addition of the Pokéwalker, players will be able to wirelessly transfer any one of their Pokémon from either of the two games to the palm-sized gadget. With Pokémon in “hand,” they will walk virtual routes as you walk around in real life, collecting Watts that are used within the Pokéwalker to find hidden items and encounter and catch wild Pokémon that are exclusive to the device itself.

Anything collected on the Pokéwalker can be transfered back to the DS or DSi, which will unlock in-game routes for further exploration, and any Pokémon placed in the device will also gain experience as you walk around, even gaining a level once placed back into the game. It works similar to the Pokémon daycare found in many of the installments, but with a much greater level of depth and interactivity.


I’m not exactly sure how the community will receive this, as carrying around a miniaturized Pokéball may be a little embarrassing, even for the young’ns. But don’t be afraid when you see a twenty-four-year-old with a Pokéball dangling from his jeans – he’s not a creepy pedophile. It’s probably just me.

Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver hits the shelves March 14th. Will you be using your Pokéwalker?

  1. I’ll put it in my pocket and none will be the wiser.

    I wish I had this when I bought Pokemon Red.

  2. avatar JerryTerrifying

    I run marathons and play Pokemon so this’ll be great for me. I run 50 to 70 miles a week so it’ll be an easy way to level my pogeymans up.

  3. @Chris
    I’ll probably do the same thing. Or i’ll just be the man and wear it as a pocket watch or something.


    You’re gonna be maxed out within the first week!

  4. As much of an anti pokemon type as I am, this is freaking awesome. I’d be more concerned to see a legal adult individual with more than five of these on them at a time. Good graphics too, for a small lcd device

  5. avatar Qalamari

    Fascinating. So does this replace the Daycare centers entirely or is it an optional side-thing? Either way, it looks pretty neat.

  6. avatar Danny

    Well once I bought the Soul Silver game it came with this. And I use champ path only for this to get good Items and to get some pokemons. You have to search through the grass and if you see a lot of exclemation points then it is a rare pokemon. I’ve been trying to walk 10,000 but it isn’t easy. I’m at 6375 right now. The Day care does everything. This only allows the pokemon to level up 1 in total. no more. I play it for the items and catchable pokemon.

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