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Tony-Hawk-Ride-Feet-On-PreviewAlright, show of hands, how many of you played Tony Hawk: Ride?  Two of you?  Wow, more than I expected!  Now, did either of you actually enjoy playing it?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Ride had a lot of great ideas – and a lot of potential – but came up short of just about every goal it set out to achieve.  However, it seems that a new title in the series may be on the way, if a recent Tweet by franchise namesake Tony Hawk is any indication.

The statement from Hawk reads: “Just met with @robomodo about our next project and it’s already much better than I expected. Details soon. Chicago is not warm.”

While that last sentence speaks for itself (having lived in Chicago, let me tell you, it’s quite chilly), the rest are far more interesting.  Robomodo, for those of you that don’t know, are the team behind Tony Hawk: Ride, which leads me to conclude that this next title will utilize the board peripheral as well.

That makes sense.  You don’t spend a lot of time and effort making way for something new, just to toss it out the window (unless you call yourself NBC, and you’re dealing with a man named Conan O’Brien).


As you may have guessed from my opening statement, a sequel to Ride wouldn’t exactly be met with much enthusiasm.  Heck, Gamer Limit’s own Sean Carey thinks it would be a terrific gift to give someone you…dislike strongly, as seen in GL’s 2009 Holiday Gift Guide.  That said, I’m all for giving the series one more chance to find its legs with the new tech.

How about you guys?  Would you be willing to give ol’ Tony and his plastic skateboard one more shot?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. avatar Seph

    Tony Hawk thought Ride was fantastic, even going so far as to respond to all the negative reviews by claiming nobody gave it a real playthrough.

    If that’s anything to go by, since he believes the next one’s turning out ‘much better than expected’, I’ll put my money on yet another poor title.

  2. Considering Tony Hawk defended “Ride” like it was his first born in front of a speeding truck, I don’t hold any hopes that “Ride 2″ will be any better then the first dismal attempt.

    How can you improve on something that the creator justifies as great?

  3. Great minds think alike Mike :D

  4. I started to feel bad for Tony after he offered to friend people for buying Ride.

  5. He seems like a decent enough guy – I say we all go out and buy Tony Hawk: Ride 2, but secretly give them dissolving money, that will disappear mere seconds after we leave. That way, at least they move product off the shelves, and he feels better!

  6. @Dylansnyder

    Thats actually how I pay for most of the goods and services I consume.

  7. Shhhh Josh! We can’t let too many people know about the dissipating cash!

  8. I haven’t played it, but that’s mostly because of the steep entry fee and my hatred of gimmicky controls. I am interested in how the series progresses though. I spent a ton of time on the earlier games, had a blast with Underground, and am looking forward to seeing how the franchise can hold up to, what seems to be a superior competitor (EA’s Skate).

  9. Yeah Mark, I LOVED the Underground titles, despite others denouncing them. Sadly, the series has fallen, while Skate keeps hitting all the right notes.

  10. Why pay $100 for a skateboard when you can bay $100 for a fake skateboard and a virtual skatepark all at the same time? Oh yeah, because it’s nothing like actually riding a skateboard at all!

  11. @Dylan: glad to see I’m not alone there. The second one was kind of a pain, but I blew so many hours playing through the first one it was ridiculous. The series fell off the map after that. Making a peripheral like this is just Activision hoping the GuitarHero phenomenon will work again, but in a new series.

  12. Worst … decision …. EVER!!!

  13. avatar Marhta Gulden

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