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Despite lower review scores, a shaky economy, and some stiff holiday competition, New Super Mario Bros Wii has already sold over ten million copies, thus outselling Super Mario Galaxy a mere eight weeks since its launch.

It isn’t surprising that NSMB Wii has sold well; after all, the original DS version of New Super Mario Bros has sold over twenty-one million copies. What is surprising, is how fast it’s sold, and that Galaxy has only managed to move eight million copies, despite the Wii’s fifty-six million install base.

Extrapolating from the comparison between sales numbers and the speed at which these titles have flown off shelves, I think it’s safe to make two assumptions: first, that if you own a Wii and haven’t purchased Galaxy, expect Nintendo fanboys to egg your house as soon as their mom’s kick them off the family television. And second, that we can expect a lot more Nintendo titles with the word “new” in them somewhere.

I can’t wait for Newer Newest New Super Mario Bros Wii 2 and The New Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Newest Mask. I predict that both will be 2D, both will have chaotic multiplayer, neither will have online support, and they’ll sell faster than black market cupcakes at fat camp.

  1. That’s fairly disappointing.

    I’d consider Mario Galaxy the best game of this generation: not my favorite, but my pick as the best all around title.

  2. I enjoyed NSMB Wii, but if they ever made another one like it without making some serious changes, I wouldn’t be interested.

  3. “Newer Newest New Super Mario Bros Wii 2″

    Best idea EVER!!!

  4. New Super Mario Bros. was the best game of last year. That seems about right.

  5. I’d buy Majora’s Newest Mask…just saying.

  6. avatar Josh Bourgeois

    This website looks ridiculously like Destructoid.

  7. avatar Jazzista

    Makes me wish I had a Wii.

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