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A couple months ago Square Enix promised that on the 13th of every month, leading up to the March 9th release of Final Fantasy XIII, new information about the game would be revealed.  Well it’s January 13th, and today the developer once again delivered on their promise, this time with a new trailer complete with English voice acting.

If you think this is just another FFXIII trailer, you would be wrong.  Not only is the voice acting incredible, but it’s completely in sink with the characters’ lips.  This was a real shock for me, because I was expecting another badly dubbed JRPG.  Oh, and that song in the background is the new Leona Lewis single, “My Hands”, which is the theme song for the game.

Certain people, who have played the Japanese import version, have complained that it’s too linear and that it changes up the Final Fantasy formula too much. While this troubles me a bit, I have to admit that the closer the game gets to releasing, the more excited I am. There is no doubt in my mind I am purchasing the game day one, but seeing a trailer like this helps to calm my worries.

I’m interested to hear everyone else’s thoughts on the trailer.  Do you like the voice work?  Do you think Square Enix has another smash hit on their hands?

  1. Ahhhh I can’t wait for this game now. The voice acting was great! I just hope this isn’t another dud like Final Fantasy XII was. :(

  2. This game really seems like it’s gonna be fun. Like Jess, I hope it doesn’t wind up being super-lame.

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    • avatar Junior

      The UI is a bit baffling for me in parts but ltniteg the game beat me a few times is (painfully) teaching me. I would love it there was some way to cancel a game early. Also for the life of me I cannot figure out how to restart a game after it has finished without rebooting my iPad. At the end of the game it just shows me a pretty picture of a castle and all I can do is flip through the different UI banners on the left.If there is a way to restart and/or cancel games please let me know! Thanks.

    • avatar Mesude

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  3. This is the first video that made me even remotely interested in this game.

  4. I thought the voice work was great. I’m happy to see/hear that.

    I think the game will go over very well. It’s amazing how many FF fans hide in the background until the release of a new title. I’ve seen some gameplay from the Japanese version and I don’t really see anything to complain about, but I haven’t played it myself so it’s difficult to say.

    This video really makes me want it now.

  5. The Xbox 360 logo at the end makes me laugh.

    $10 credit to Amazon when you pre-order FF13. Best deal atm. Can’t wait for this game.

  6. Preordered this at Amazon the other day. Can’t wait! I know I’ll enjoy the hell out of it.

  7. Whoa… Once again the graphics never cease to amaze me (even though I typically don’t care). You know, I don’t mind the whole dubbing them but seriously, if you’re going to have dubs at least allow us to choose between japanese and english as a voice option.

    I got bored of FF12 pretty early, I still haven’t beat it yet. I think I’m somewhere after the sand people.

  8. The last few minutes of that trailer were gorgeous. Mind you, I’ve bought every since FF game on release since they were sold in Australia (FF7), so this is money already spent.

    I agree with Satsui, not only was FF12 badly designed, it was incredibly boring.

  9. It’s so over the top and melodramatic – in a good way. Gah, that FF hair is annoying, especially when they make them such weird shapes that they don’t animate that well. Anyway, I always look forward to an FF game just to tune out and not think for a bit.

  10. Jesus, the first two minutes of this video made me lol. Well done, FF, you can still bring the lame.

    The last minute, though, was freaking awesome.

  11. avatar Jazz

    Anyone notice similarities to what happens in 1:00 to Alice from ToS:DotNW? Lawl.

  12. Pants. Shit. Me.

    I’m a whore for Final Fantasy, and have been waiting for this sleek little bastard ever since I finished XII (and re-beat 3, 4, 7, and 8, this year alone).

  13. I haven’t finished one since 8, but it’s still a day one purchase and the voices here were indeed quite well done. I have doubts as to just how good it will be, but it looks and sounds good so at the very least I should get my moneys worth out of it before I get bored and set it aside like all the rest.

  14. Wow, I’m amazed at how varied the opinions of FF fans can be. FF XII boring? I thought FF XII was the best FF. Every FF before was essentially a clone of the very first one on NES, in terms of game play.

  15. avatar Ykks

    Amazing compared to standards. But they can’t seem to get away from cheesy, “soapy”, emotional dialogues.
    But the story as a whole and the gameplay seems amazing and Im sure the action sequences will blow your mind as always.

    That’s where FFXII comes in. No cheese, little to no unnecessary over-emotional dialogues.
    Ok the story might be too flat and uninspiring, but noone can say it was badly designed. It had everything a FF should have: A good learning curve, great and varied cast of mobs in a great and varied landscape, leading up, with a good difficulty curve, to the last boss, and loads of optional gear and bosses and last but not least an effective fighting system.
    Technically sublimely designed, not only imo, but according to critics (especially Famitsu).


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