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Netflix on Wii

In an effort to expand Nintendo’s user base to MORE than every single man, woman, and child in the world, it was just announced by The New York Times that Netflix, everybody’s favorite Blockbuster replacement, is officially coming to Wii.

No longer content to be the only next-gen (*cough*) system without Netflix capability, Reggie and Co. are hopping on the bandwagon.  They’re even going the PS3 route and requiring you to have a special disc in the system to access the Netflix queue.  There’s just ONE little problem…

The Wii isn’t tough enough to support streaming  HD video.  According to the Times, “Some analysts and industry observers expect Nintendo to announce a new Wii HD version of its console next year”  (despite Fils-Aime’s constant assertions of the opposite).  Once Nintendo supports both HD and Netflix, the ground will be a lot more level with its technologically advanced counterparts… especially since both Sony and Microsoft are debuting motion controllers within the near future.

Adding a possible 28 million Wii owners to Netflix’s current 11 million subscribers could be the nail in the coffin of brick-and-mortar movie stores. If nothing else, it might encourage more Wii owners to take their systems online.  Maybe they’ll even buy some WiiWare while they’re there?

Source: New York Times

  1. avatar Jazz

    Letdown, letdown, more letdowns and another round coming, tally ho!

  2. 1) The Wii will be coming into 1080 land while the PS3 and 360 are entering into the wonderful world of 3D gaming.

    2) How many of the “28 million” Wii owners already have a PS3 or Xbox with Netflix?

    3) Who’s going to pay for another Wii, just in HD?

  3. I don’t own a Wii as of right now. I’ve owned two in the past and sold them both since I never use them. If they release an HD version of the Wii I will probably buy it and not actually sell it.

  4. Obligatory “will be using this on 360/PS3 for better picture.” I’m glad Netflix Streaming is taking over, though.

    I remember when I was 8 years old my friend’s dad said on-demand subscription based movies, with thousands of choices, was the future. It only took what, like 14 years to improve on the awful “Pay-Per-View” service?

  5. avatar Jordan Garski

    Wii HD? Maybe this is good. But considering Nintendo’s trend of being on the lazy side since the Wii started, this could be bad.

    Also. I have Netflix on my 360, no reason I’d use this for the Wii since the 360′s service is very easy to use (and better picture).

  6. I was very shocked when I read this. It will be very interesting to see the NetFlix Wii subscriber numbers after the first year of service, that is if there are any.

  7. If they put an HD Wii within the next year, I’d be equally parts pleased and pissed off, considering I just got a Wii for Christmas.

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