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He's on fire.

ESPN has just revealed that EA Sports has acquired the rights to NBA Jam and is looking to pump out an update exclusively for the Wii. Mark Turmell, father of the legendary original, is on board to make sure the refresh delivers the same two-on-two hotdoggin’ action that you know and love.

NBA Jam represents a simpler time when sports video games were quick-fire blasts and not the cumbersome micromanagement chore the genre has become today. You can’t get games like NHLPA Hockey ’93 or NFL Blitz anymore (Blitz: The League doesn’t count). If this new installment can recapture some of that old arcade magic, I’ll gladly take the plunge.

I wonder if I can still play as Clinton. Hey, maybe Obama will make an appearance!

  1. F that. Put this on XBLA or PSN at the least. I want online multiplayer. Wii online = FAIL.

  2. Wii online really does pale in comparison to XBLA and PSN. Hopefully if this is successful (read: better than the piece of crap that was NBA Jam 2004), then it will be ported over.

  3. It’s for the Wii. EA’s online Wii games are fine. NBA Jam has a history as a local multiplayer game.

    • avatar Dipak

      by taking the E.Q off but the sound of the bass snuods very quiet. I have tried on the computer software guitar rig setting the e.q and turning the volumes up but it still dosent sound right. Would you recommend a Pre-amp for boosting the levels? Many thanks

  4. Nobody does local multiplayer anymore.

    If I wanted this on Wii, I’d rather they just stick the SNES version on the Virtual Console for $8, roughly $6 more than if I bought the cartridge at a pawn shop. And seriously, who has TWO classic controllers to play with your friends?

    Wii online DOES fail. Can’t trash talk me, Grandma, you don’t have a headset mic! BURN.

  5. @nick

    i think xbla has done some good local multiplayer games – bomberman comes to mind but there must be more

  6. It fits the Wii best, naturally. GET FRIENDS.

  7. avatar NoFuneral

    NBA Jam on the Wii? I think this is fantastic (for people with a Wii). For everyone else I say “Ugly Shot!”

  8. Olajuwon and Drexler are coming back to own you all.

  9. You know, I’d like to complain about it showing up on the Wii, but honestly, I really don’t think this would do well on XBL.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, I still think this is gonna be pretty excellent…but at this point in my life, online play is a big deal to me; I’ve made tons of friends over the years on the internet, and I also live hundreds of miles away from everyone I grew up with. To add insult to injury, my friends at college are not gamers…like I mean, MAYBE two of them play games, and neither of them would be interested in this.

    I’m not saying the online will turn out bad for sure, but it’s a legitimate concern for people who will be all but relying on online play for their cooperative experience, and I’d be lying if I said that online capabilities had nothing to do with why I purchased an XBox360 before any other consoles of the current generation.

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