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Although it was not yet official when news of EA acquiring the rights to NBA Jam broke out, it is now. Press release is out. Official website is up. And we will be seeing it this year! So dust off your Wiis (as if you haven’t heard that before), and get ready for some old-school NBA arcade action.

One can only hope for blast from the past elements of the game to be found in this newest release. And that may just be the case according to the press release. So dive right in eh? (Sorry EA Canada, I couldn’t resist)

“Featuring gameplay that is true to the original, NBA JAM will have players spinning with ankle breaking moves to the basket and on the way to high-flying, backboard-smashing dunks. In addition to the classic experience, EA SPORTS NBA JAM will also introduce new game modes, characters and gameplay depth.”

With EA Canada in the development driver’s seat, I feel confident that it will be done right. However, I really hope EA takes some lessons learned from their newest arcade release. And please EA, bless the rest of the consoles with some NBA Jam love!

  1. I hope they include the bonus power-ups. “From downtown! BOOM CHAKA LAKA!”

  2. I’m sure they will Ferahtsu. This was the title of their press release email: “BOOOOOOM SHAKA-LAKA! EA ANNOUNCES NBA JAM IN DEVELOPMENT”

  3. HOORAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On a side note, I have that original voice.

  4. If you guys visit the site within the first five days, you can vote for the three players you’d like to see on the Clippers squad. It’s my team in case no one picked up on that.

  5. So now it’s officially official? Would you go as far as saying the game is “ON FIRE”?

  6. There really was nothing like being able to make Hakeem Olajuwon windmill dunk from the 3-point line. Maybe they’ll you you do it with Yao Ming this time around!

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