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Hey faithful listeners – the Limitcast is taking a short hiatus. We apologize that you won’t get your weekly dose of the Limitcast crew, but it won’t last forever!  We’ll return in short order, and continue to deliver the best podcast available.

During our break, we’ll be working to restructure our content in an effort to provide you – the listeners – exactly the what you’re looking for. That said, we’re calling on each of you to share with us your comments, suggestions, and dreams for the future of the Limitcast.

Your feedback means to the world to us.   Leave your comments in the box below and we will scour over them with the same diligence given to the nudie magazines we keep next to our toilet. Scout’s honor!

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  1. Aw man, I love listening to these :(

  2. We the people want a live podcast with a chat room.

  3. Good things come to those who wait ….

  4. I’ve been waiting for WEEKS! I keep telling Josh that you guys need like a monthly live podcast with a chat room and should make things interesting. That or just let Shawn run the next show..just kidding. No, seriously..don’t.

  5. Although I hate waiting, I’ve still got around 25 other episodes of the podcast to catch up on… so this will give me time to catch up on all that stuff. So, thanks, I guess.

  6. but what will i complain to paul about on the phone now, i guess i will have to return to his lack of hygiene

  7. Boo!~

    Nothing just keep it up. I need something to listen to while I’m at work.

  8. avatar Dorothy

    Intelligence and smiplictiy – easy to understand how you think.

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