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A couple months ago, one Eric Ruth announced that he was working on an NES-style demake of zombie-bustin’ party shooter Left 4 Dead. Usually these home projects get hit with delay after delay, but Mr. Ruth stood by his promise to release the game in January 2010.

This conversion is the freshman entry in the Pixel Force line, a planned series of retro-remakes of modern-day favorites. The goal is to capture the spirit of the originals while pretending the nineties never happened. While Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead only allows two-player co-op instead of four-, all the missions, weapons, and infected are represented albeit in limited-color fashion.

Download the game right over here and give it a go, why don’t cha?

  1. Better than Mama.

    And by Mama, I mean the original Left 4 Dead.

  2. This is awesome. Downloading…

  3. Looks a lot better than the demo vid he put out a few months back, since the number of zombies and their speed actually seems true to Left 4 Dead. Still… makes me just want to go back and play Zombies ate my Neighbours.

  4. its like the halfway point between left 4 dead and left 4k dead

  5. avatar Jordan Garski

    So how long before Valve buys out this project, sells it themselves, and later take credit for it?

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