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In a game that essentially has no ending, one of the most sought after achievements in Left 4 Dead 2 is finishing each of the five levels on expert (Still Something to Prove).  While it’s a notable and reasonable accomplishment, achieving that goal is no easy task.

So if you’re tired of dying to the hordes of zombies, tanks nailing you with perfect accuracy, killing Jockeys and Hunters feels like you’re shooting air, and being shot by teammates boils your blood, then read on for a complete guide to getting through one of the most difficult modern day gaming experiences.  Don’t worry baby, Gamer Limit is going to make it all better.

Before I begin dishing out all my secrets to you, you need to realize that if you want to finish each of the campaigns on expert, it means taking advantage of everything you come across.  “Survive all campaigns on Expert” does not mean seeing the sites and trying everything out.  It means, if you want to survive, you need to be like a river and find the path of least resistance.

Group Selection / Your Individual Performance

Since not all of us have the advantage of having three of our best friends with microphones and a local connection available at all times, this guide assumes you’re like me: playing with random people and playing with crappy latency.

What you do have control over is yourself.  How you perform and your attempts to communicate will highly dictate your success.  When you play with random teammates, don’t assume they’re all experts.  More than likely they aren’t.  What you need to do is make attempts at communicating with them, and don’t be the one to physically lead the group.  That’s right, do not ever be the lead man.

Group Poster

Like I said before, you can’t assume your teammates are experts.  You have to assume they’re all mid level players who will shoot at everything.  It may sound illogical, but players will shoot through anything to get an easy kill, even if it means killing you.

This leads me to my next point: don’t be trigger happy.  Your main goal is to finish the campaign on expert.  You don’t receive any benefits for killing the most zombies or annihilating the most special infected.  Whether you have the least or most amount of kills makes no difference on the final outcome.

If you see an attacking zombie about to flank one of your teammates, but you don’t have the right weapon to take it out, just let the zombie hit your comrade.  It is better he takes one hit from a zombie rather than a hit plus a gun shot wound from you.

Weapon Selection

Choosing the right weapon is a matter of personal taste, but I highly suggest first tier and second tier machine guns (Uzi, SMG, AK-47, M4, and the Desert Rifle).  Since being the cover man means preventing the undead from attacking your partners’ blind sides, you need a weapon that will quickly take enemies down without the risk of shooting your teammates.  That is why I do not recommend shotguns.

Similarly, while sniper rifles will pierce through a horde, you need a weapon that has a wide spread that puts a lot of lead.  That is why I do not recommend sniper rifles.

Also, when the Tank shows his face, your goal is to take him out quickly.  The M4 and the AK-47 will kill the Tank the quickest without being close to him.

Tank Killer 2
Click to Enlarge

Melee Weapons

Rule 9: Guns Are for Hunting, Not for Zombie Killing: When you’re running who has time to stop for bullets… It’s not a proper means for killing zombies as they [Guns] run out of ammo and need reloading. Remember a Cricket Bat or Toilet Lid do not need loading!” (Columbus, Zombieland).

If you want to play like an expert, you need to learn how to use melee weapons.  While double Pistols are fun to use and Magnums are the best way to protect yourself when you’re incapacitated, melee weapons will protect you when you’ve been overrun.

Since you can only push zombies away about five times before fatigue hits, you’re pretty much vulnerable to the horde after that.  But with a melee weapon, you can essentially push and swing in combination an infinite amount of times without ever feeling fatigued.  Trust me, you’ll survive the most dire situations.

While I haven’t been able to figure out if there are any differences between melee weapons, I always feel more confident with the Fire Axe and Katana.  Whichever melee weapon makes you feel like a bad ass, go with that.

Throwable Items

Do not be frugal with your throwable items.  When you hear the music chime in, pull out whatever you have and toss it.  It doesn’t matter if the horde will be attacking you from one direction or multiple directions.  If you have it, use it.

At the same time, you need to communicate with your teammates that you’re throwing an item, so that you and a friendly don’t throw simultaneously.  There’s nothing like a wasted feeling when that happens.

When you’re presented with an option, always go with the Molotov.  Some people will disagree with me here, but I recommend it for a few reasons.  When the horde all of a suddenly rushes you, you need to be able to block them off.  Since a Pipe Bomb only draws them away for a short amount of time, and a Boomer Bile won’t kill anyone, the Molotov is your best defensive item.

When you hear the musical chime, stop for a moment and look at what direction the horde is attacking you from.  If it’s from multiple directions, throw it at your blind side, and focus all your fire power to the horde that is coming straight at you.  You’ll survive nearly every attack when you use everything to your advantage.

Map Tips and Exploits

As I mentioned earlier, while exploiting the game may feel like you’re cheating, you need to take advantage of everything in order to survive.  The following is a comprehensive guide to getting through some of the toughest parts.

Dark Carnival

Concert – Finishing the Concert is extremely difficult because there isn’t really anywhere safely to post up with out being attacked from all sides.  But from trial and error, the most effective spot to camp out is in either corner of the bleachers.

Because you can see the horde coming from a long distance, and your back is protected, this makes it the most ideal spot.  Once the Tank comes, light him on fire and disperse.  Once he is dead, return to your position and resume the killing.


Swamp Fever

1. Swamp – When you come to the airplane in the level, there’s a way to bypass it without having to open the emergency hatch.  If you go to the end of fuselage, you can hop on the seats and jump your way up and over the aircraft.  It’ll save you ammunition and avoid the risk of taking any damage.

Airplane 1a

Airplane 2

Airplane 3

2. Shanty Town – One of the most difficult parts of getting through Shanty Town is staving off the horde when you have to lower the bridge.  But thankfully, there is an extremely easy way around it.  When you go to lower the bridge, every team member needs to crowd it.

As it starts to lower, everyone has to run up the bridge and jump onto the adjacent roof.  Go to the opposite end of the roof, and squat down over the ledge.  When the horde goes to climb up, they’ll automatically die when they touch your feet.  Also, with the exception of the special infected, no zombies can come up from behind you.

Shanty Town 1

Shanty Town 4

Shanty Town 3

3. Plantation – The easiest way to get through the Plantation is to post up near the gate where you contact the boat for rescue.  Have one person guard the left side, one person guard the right side, and two people guard the middle.  Gather as many Molotovs and gas cans as you can.

Once the horde starts coming, you’ll be able to fend them off from all directions without them ever getting close to you.  When the Tank comes, light him on fire and disperse from the area until he is dead.  Once he is down, return to your original position and resume the killing until the boat arrives.


Hard Rain

Sugar Mill – The second level of Hard Rain is by far the most difficult of all the stages in the game.  You’re in an enclosed space where zombies can drop down on you from every angle, the sun’s glare blinds you from seeing ahead, the rough terrain and all the debris stall your escape, the 10 or so Witches you have to avoid are a nuance, you have to run through a corn maze where you have zero visibility, and most of all, it’s a very long stage.  Thankfully, I have a few tips to get you through it all.

1. This is the one stage of the game where I recommend a shotgun over the assault rifles.  Instead of avoiding the Witches, crown (Instant kill when shot in the head) every single one you come across with a shotgun.  Chances are, you’ll accidentally disturb at least one Witch when you try to avoid all of them.  Better to take them out before they kill you.

Sugar Mill Witch a

2. When you go to call the elevator, quickly run diagonally to the opposite end of the structure, and inch your way onto the ledge. You’ll avoid contact with all of the zombies, and you’ll be safe from the special infected.

Sugar Mill Elevator 1

Sugar Mill Elevator 2

Sugar Mill Elevator 3

The Parish

1. Quarter – When you go to lower the bridge near the end of the level, the best place to hold out is underneath the stairwell.  Collect as many Molotovs and gas cans as possible and create a wall of flames in front of you.  You’ll be nearly invulnerable as the hordes try to advance on you.


2. Bridge – Once the military starts lowering the bridge, run straight for the goal with a melee weapon in hand and a Pipe Bomb ready.  As the horde comes at you head on, throw your bomb to the side in order to make a clear path.  When you reach the Tank, try to run straight past him.

If you can, light him on fire with a Molotov.  Do not bother to stop and kill him, just run past him and don’t look back.  As you get to the end of the level, shoot yourself with an Adrenaline Shot and fight your way straight to the helicopter.

Dead Center

While playing Dead Center, I was unable to find any exploits that’ll help you get through easily.  But for a comprehensive guide to surviving the last stage, check out Alex Yue’s guide to Scavenge Mode.  It’ll help you effectively collect all the gas cans in an organized manner.

If you find any other exploits, have questions, or have a few other tips to surviving all the campaigns on Expert, leave your input in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Dark Carnival Finale

When playing the finale on Dark Carnival, if everyone in the group jumps from the forklift onto the plywood, the team can avoid ever encountering any infected.  It’s a fairly simple way to get past the finale without ever having to fire a bullet.  Remember though, in order for the exploit to work correctly, everyone still alive has to be standing on top of the plywood.

  1. Nice guide man. I’m still working on clearing all campaigns on expert. Hopefully when I finish pt. 2 of my Scavenge guide tomorrow I’ll have some free time to put this guide to use.

  2. avatar did u get a n achivement


  3. avatar did u get a n achivement

    if u did please add me GT Batistaraw please help me

  4. avatar Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip. i always knew Molotov were the best way to go. and as for teammates on the parish bridge, i kill the bots, run past the tank, throw a pipe, AND GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE.

    • avatar PwnerSAM

      A Molotov is the greatest weapon to use on Tanks, i found that compared to using a molotov then to not use one, using one kills a tank 3 times as fast as not

  5. @ GT Batistaraw

    I’ll look for you on Steam and help you out. After I wrote this article, I found an exploit to get past the last stage in Dark Carnival very easily.

  6. avatar @ ccurtis baitstaraw

    what is this exploit?

  7. avatar dead center

    on each level in dead center apart from the first level 3 surviours run out the safe room while the last surviour chucks bile boom at the door,zombies come dn when bile runs out they try hit the last surviour,this does work.WARNING:tanks hit down safe room doors and some special infected can reach you.

  8. Sorry it’s taking me so long GT Batistaraw. I can’t seem to find your alias on Steam. If you join the Gamer Limit Group, I’ll add you through there.

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  9. avatar Dave M.

    Why would you teach people to exploit the map on the crashed airplane? That’s completely worthless to anyone who respects the game. True Valve should fix it, but putting exploits in a guide is just a bad idea. I have people like you to blame for all the people who glitch to skip some of the best parts of the game instead of gaining the skills to beat difficult crescendos.

  10. avatar Mr Peanut

    Downed plane isn’t too hard. Just hole up between the seats to the right of the door and you are only attacked from one side. It is an easy way to get Wing and a Prayer also. It even works with bots on expert!

    Just be careful you don’t get incapacitated on the rescue vehicle with only a bot up. If he steps on, the campaign ends as if you won but nobody gets credit.

    • avatar Yabel

      Well if I were you I wouldn’t go out there becsuae of all teh pkers, also it is very rare for a bot to hang out there becsuae they will most likely die from a pker they might just have their chat off. Also mostly all the worlds are very crowded.

  11. avatar NecronX

    On expert, some levels are easier to complete with bots instead of people. For example, the finale in in Dead Center is much easier if one person throws cans and three cover. Another advantage is that bots won’t shoot you, lite you on fire, shoot the witch, set off car alarms, rush ahead, or steal your med kit in the safe room.

  12. avatar Von Death

    I beat the last part on Dead Center on Expert by myself with bots because the rest of my team had quit (restarted too many times). I threw all the cans to the ground in a big pile. Then when the tanks came I lit them up and ran around the 2nd floor loop until they were dead, then revived my downed bots. The key is to watch for SI before they can grab you if you’re kiting the tanks (I had 2 chasing me at one point) by yourself. If your team is human get everyone to run around that 2nd floor loop with you.

    • avatar Nanasetyawati

      I have always been irnsteeted in Vamps and witches for as long as I could rememberI think I get it from my grandmother (dad’s mom). I never really got to meet her but there was this mystery about her I was wondering what made you want to write about vamps and such things? my husband thinks I am crazy for loving and I guess be obsessed with this kind of thing but reading how lexi and kellan feel for each others hits it on with how me and my husband were when we first meet he know I was his forever and will like lexi I had the wondering eyes but still knew that I couldn’t feel for anyone the way I do for him. So again I just love the book I am book 3 right now about half way through and still can believe how much I just LOVE them again your work is appreciated by me thank you**I guess it is weird that I can relate to the charters so well**

  13. After I wrote this article up, I found a glitch on the Dead Center finale where you can basically hold out and never have to fire a single bullet. When the chopper arrives, you just run up to it and hop on. Easy as pie. I’ll update this article with some pictures to reflect my findings.

    • avatar Ariel

      ..There is no chopper for Dead Center

    • avatar Angelika

      Hi Su, the photos of Kaleb are just so cute. I often look at my son and just can’t imangie him as a dad … but maybe one day – who knows.Your kit is lovely – thanks so much for sharing it. Now I just have to get back into scrapping. I am hoping to get some pages done at night while Graham and I are on holidays. Thinking of you, hugs, Keryn xx

  14. avatar Von Death

    Here’s another secret I picked up from some rather leet players. At the end of Dark Carnival, when you get to the stadium, there is a way to prevent all infected from spawning during the lightshow. What you need to do is get your whole team to jump on the vertical wooden boards near-by the ForkLift. Just have one person start the show and then join the rest of the team. When the chopper comes, throw pipes or bile 1 at a time and run to chopper.

    • Yeap, that was the same exact one I was going to update this with. Darn you Von Death, you beat me to it! Argh! Don’t worry folks photos coming soon!

    • avatar Diogo

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  15. avatar Killthrottle

    How do i get threw l4d2 dead center campaign expert easily

  16. avatar Si

    Similar to the DC exploit, there is one in the Hard Rain finale, dubbed the Jesus table. When stood on none of the CI or SI (including tanks) attack you and you can breeze through it easily – then it’s just a case of reaching the boat

  17. avatar NecronX

    You’re better off to fight instead of using the plywood or table. It works sometimes, but I’ve been on several teams that couldn’t make it to the boat or chopper. As soon as you leave the glitch spot, there’s usually a hoard, a tank, and specials all at the same time.

  18. avatar aidan g

    you misspelled nuisance in the sugar mill

  19. avatar Anonymous

    In the beggining of Dead Center when there are supplies, take an axe so that when the horde rushes thru the door you can cut them down like a maniac lumberjack when he sees a forest.+ Only use MedKits when you can’t go down again.

  20. avatar Anonymous

    anybody got tips for the endless horde on the second to last level of DC

  21. avatar brandon

    on dark carnival in the corner make sure u have a sniper and you can sit on the rail in the corner and the tank will ignore u and go after your teammates but a little amount of infected will come from behind you.but still just try it.

  22. avatar ferxo

    yo siempre intento,intento de pasar todas las campañas en experto y siempre me quedo trabado en el capitulo 3 ,nunca puedo pasar una campaña en experto alguien me podria decir como pasarla

  23. avatar matt 28 aug at 22:46

    when i was playing dead center i kept a clear head focused and my tactics for completing dead centre, well put it this way the futherest i have got upto is chapter 3 maybe chapter4 at a push i guess the trick is to completing it is to use your med kit on your last life and not to rush through but at the same time not to be slow as a snail

  24. avatar Negatory!

    A tip for the Dead Center finale: when you collect the gas cans, first bring all 8 cans to the car and then shoot adrenaline and fill the car up. You will avoid the tank since it will spawn when you’ve filled 4 gas cans :) Hope this helps

  25. avatar Negatory!

    Also, @ Anonymous who asked about the second to last level of DC, save a bile bomb, break the glass, throw the bile to the very downstairs of the huge area and run like hell. If you’re fast enough, the 2nd “wave” of zombies won’t spawn from the room where you turn off the alarm

  26. avatar Negatory!

    And finally, at Hard Rain chapter 3, when you got the gas can and you’ve gotta run thru the crop field again, look into your left as you face the field. There is a roof the goes all the way across the field. next to the roof there is an orange pole (dunno the real name of it, but you will notice it). Jump on that orange thing and then jump on to the lowest spot of the roof. If you’re playing with bots, they will teleport to you when you’re far enough on the roof

  27. avatar Anonymous

    in dead center:streets (level 2) just after you go through the room near the police car, go left before the overpass and jump on the white van, i found the horde cant climb on it which leaves you safe to snipe them , be wary of SI .

  28. avatar dead center:streets

    i meant go right.

  29. avatar Anonymous

    this is a good game but i have trouble getting all the levels, any body?

  30. avatar Anonymous

    Is it possible to do all the campaigns on expert with only the bots helping you? Has anyone managed to compleate a campaign solo with 3 bots, if so which one?

    • avatar SlayerOfZombies

      It’s possible to complete all the campaigns on expert with only bots. I did it (after playing with bots on normal and advanced) because I don’t have a high speed connection at the place where I live now.

  31. avatar zombieslayer457

    yea anomonys it is possible but its better with real players since bots dont bother to grab throwable items.

    • avatar Raiza

      paul -thanks for the plugin. elgaent!a suggestion:it would be helpful if you included maybe in the readme.txt the SQL for creating the database table manually. for me it wasnb4t such a big deal to extract it from the .php script, but others maybe not find it so easy.

  32. avatar zombiekiller79

    yup its true.

  33. avatar i hate zombies (XBL)

    who cant wait for l4d3

    • avatar Erik

      Thank you, I’ve recently been srahceing for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

  34. avatar zombieslayer457

    yea i bet its gonna be AWSOME.

  35. avatar The person without XBL

    If it is possible to pass all the campaigns with bots how should I carry the levels out. Open for suggestions.

  36. avatar The person without XBL

    In expert of course

  37. avatar ryan71196

    the only thing i found on the dead center campaign is while your still in the hotel, when you get to the ledge of any floor, throw a bile bomb out off the ledge and onto the building in front, and almost all the zombies on that floor will run out the windows and die.

  38. avatar SlayerOfZombies

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both human and bot survivors. The bots can’t carry items such as molotovs and such and they don’t take instructions on strategy. They are good for taking out SI and they don’t shoot you accidentally. I got the ‘Still something to prove’ achievement on expert with all bots by using them as firepower and not worrying too much about their safety. They are the muscle and you be the brains in other words. Learn to navigate the ‘Director’ as it can be a major benefit or handicap to you.

  39. avatar Anonymous

    any opinions on the chainsaw? good or bad?

    • avatar PwnerSAM

      I would not use the chainsaw as good as it is, it will run out in a short period of time, and is very very deadly when used on friendlies, i would the the machete as a replacement for the chainsaw as it is the fastest swinging melee in the game ;)

  40. avatar The airplane

    Me and my friend found it best to hole up on the small island just before you reach the plane, one covering the plane and the other covering the flank, the zombies seem to have trouble climbing on top of the plane and down again, giving you some valuable time

  41. avatar Paul

    add me on steam ManMadeGOD….if you wanna play with someone who isnt an idiot.

  42. avatar Sweetheart

    well i guess that count’s you out paul :)

  43. avatar MishMash

    Exploits and Tips that I can think of while sitting here reading.

    Downed Plane.
    Go to the back of the plane (the seats area) find the seat on the right. Jump on the seat. Jump as if you want to jump on TOP of the plane. Keep trying you will get it. Tell your other players to put themselves away (whatever its called) and you walk over the wing, go through the water, on the dock, to the grass and WHAMMO the other players will automatically jet to the spot you’re at. Just be careful because you will be by yourself for a moment or two.

    Right above the area where the gas tanks and fireworks are… there is an awning. Go on top of that. Someone has to start the concert, but get your butt back up there. You will hear hoards, but many wont comes. DO NOT leave that spot.. just fight whatever comes your way. (works most of the time) . There is another spot… Everyone goes to the planks of wood that sits on the left of the stage. Again, stay there, but beware of smokers and spitters.

    Tip for places that have rooms like the Mansion and the Mall… USE THEM! Try to alert the zombie hoards while you’re in the room!

    Example of what works well for me and my friends at the swamp mansion. Upstairs there are rooms. If you have one person stand at each doorway, and one person man the ceiling… you can take out the hoards easily.

    Another thing I like to do at the Mansion is if the ammo is on the front lawn FIGHT at the gate! If someone takes E, W, N… it should be pretty easy because you can switch out guns and ammo up easily. Between changes just run to mansion to get more goo, fire, bombs :)

    PS: Working on Expert level and having a heck of a time at the Carnival at the Gate area… Trying to figure out whats best. I know if I was playing with a live crew I would be done by now… the bots are just going down all the time… I am thinking of just leaving them :)

  44. avatar MishMash

    Edit to the downed plane I mentioned above. Only one person gets on top of the plane to go over it. The other 3 set themselves to away (and the game will jet you over when the time comes)

  45. avatar PwnerSAM

    Tbh i dont know what the problem is with expert, im pretty bad at shooting games, but i got the still something to prove achievment Like the 2nd or 3rd time playing (Using Bots) is it me or what?

  46. avatar MishMash

    Playing with the bots is pathetic! Another thing that annoys me is that we cannot save our games! It took me almost a week of trying to get through DC (gates) and then the Xbox was turned off by someone in the house so now it is NOT counting that I’ve already completed it.

    I have the PC version of the game and I found if I leave my steam open… it will keep my stats alive… so 2/5… game crashes… I go back and it still says 2/5.

    —-> If L4D3 comes out I hope they at least allow saving for EXPERT level.

    I think tips for DC – barns/gate area are really needed. So many people out there are having trouble with it. My question is…
    Are there any sweet spots near the scaffolding?

  47. avatar Mustain

    Hi ppl, I can’t get past the DC, waay to complicated.. :/ director never helps xD

    well there’s an issue with the plane @ Swamp Fever, that exploit seems to have been fixed (Steam update) so I guess it’s no longer possible to bypass the plane without having to open the emergency hatch :<

    Anyone has tips on how to do it?

    • avatar Majlinda

      watched this 2 weeks ago and it was AMAZING, my first proper west end show, and its not going to be my last, aslobutely LOVED IT , wish i could have seen it with idina mazel, and chenowerth, but the cast were awesome

  48. avatar PwnerSAM

    its easy doing it with the hatch open, just make sure you have a molotov not bile or a pipe bomb (molotov kills much more.) and camp in between the seats of the plane with a fast swinging melee weapon, preferably a katana or a machete.

  49. avatar JA

    The dark carnival finale is easy on expert realism if you know how to play. Simply gather everything on the stage. For example, grab a boomer bile and then grab a pipe bomb while moving backwards and the boomer bomb will hit the ground. Then simply keep picking up the items interchangeably while moving backwards to the desired location until all items are gathered inluding defibs, pills, shots, molotovs, pipebombs. Then simply post up on both sides of the stage and fight it out. If you go down before any tanks come you shouldn’t be playing on expert. Also, the best strategy for any level thats not a finale is to always run. Never stop!! Especially to turn off alarms like at the carousel and the roller coaster. Use boomer biles to clear running space and just keep going do not go out of your way to look for stuff, if you see stuff on the way grab it and continue running. If you play enough you will develop an eye for good places to stop and heal if necessary but if not black and white just take pills or shots so you can save health packs for the beginning of the next stage so you can heal and grab a new health pack. Also, if playing with bots learn to use them to your advantage like let them heal you and keep them alive long enough to be a good distraction like at areas like the roller coaster on the dark carnival. Stopping is the stupidiest thing you can do just simply keep running past the the alarms with a melee weapon and you can get to the safe house easier and faster. I also have multiple strategies for both single player and coop but I would rather other people figure out there own strategies so I can read them and sometimes be amused at some people’s stupidity.

    • avatar Fitra

      24/7 markets are neeedd STAT. The format for how we trade now is plain dumb.Options on Equities and ETF’s close at 4PM est. Their underlying issue’strade until 8PM est. Option quotes, like their underlying are streamed viabots for the most part. 24/7 trading would eliminate these wildly huge gapup and down days we experience far too often these days. Are we or are we notin the 21st century? Someone, somewhere, needs to wake up, soon!

  50. avatar Nachos

    Wrong, the best way to pull off every campaign on expert is with a friend and 2 bots

    • avatar JueruAki

      Ain’t that the truth!? Lol my bestie and I LOVE L4D and we KICK ASS!! But she’s the only one i play L4D(2) with because she and I started playing together and are on the same level and we both get frustrated with my other friends because we have to teach them to play so we just play alone. Her. Me. Two bots. And a WHOLE SHITTON OF KICK ASS!!

    • avatar Kenji

      Great blog Seth!Clearly the snowboarding speed and skill has bsheird off on to your blogging perhaps we can coin a new term snowblogging or blogboarding ??Lots of lovely add-ons here!Terrific,Valentina

  51. avatar JueruAki

    The best way to beat the Atrium in Dead Center is to have one person at the car and another person getting all the gas and throwing it to the car. That’s what my bestie and I do and we KICK ASS!!! (:

    • avatar JueruAki

      In my opinion, though, I find the best way to survive the concert in Dark Carnival is to have the most expierenced player (usually me, but not by much, Sydney’s pretty badass) turn on all the stuff while the other person goes onto the top of one of the platform things in the stands with a melee (ofcourse) and the grenade launcher. The tank can’t usually get up there and with the grenade launcher, you can shoot him down before he can even get a chance! One person should be using the grenade launcher and the other should be using a melee to shoot away the common infected. You should be safe from most harm up there. Then, when the helicopter arrives, jump down and go straight for it and don’t look back.

  52. avatar Anonymous

    I find that the best way to finish the level with the plane is to just run straight to the saferoom after opening the plane door. This way you only kill the few infected who are coming at you from the road. Much better than to stand and try to kill all of them who are coming at you from every angle. Worked perfectly on expert and got the achievement this way for not sustaining any damage.

    • avatar I can do that

      As Said higher up in the original posted guide the window then up and over the plane is the best bet but if you just have to go through and hit the alarm depends on how capable your team is weather or not to just run it but i find sitting still rarely a good decision in any scenario on expert

  53. avatar I can do that

    For the Dead Center finale at the “Atrium” I had one friend help me. I know makes ti 13 cans instead of 8 but 5 more cans for another good pair of hands don’t bother me. Since the tank timer is activated when you pickup the first can don’t even consider grabbing the first one as you get off the elevator. The method that we found most effective was, going all the way to the top each player grabbing one of the two cans up their then dividing the cans on the second floor ,throwing them all on the same path to juggle them quickly to the car as you grab the last ones down their. This did take us a few tries to do successfully but our goal wasn’t just to beat it,our goal was to be faster then that first tank spawn as we we’re pulling out we could see the tank a bit away but we proved succesfull without having to deal with the expert tank, but a couple more tips to this make sure your gas cans are fairly well grouped so if the situation arises where you cant beat the tank spawn toss a molly on him and if you decide to hit him with a bile once he leaves the molly torched spot commons will do some extra damage and slow him up a bit, as to shot or pills depends on how you play my friend took the shot because he takes less damage and prefers to just outrun the tank as to where I prefer pills because in some dire situations I’ll run to spots on the third floor and jump to the second floor down to ground level [shoot the glass before jumping for less damage hit next floor pop pills jump again] go through on easy to learn the spots and how to do it fast with a tank on your A$$ because you might just need to



  55. avatar Timberwolf

    The only campaign that I can’t beat the finale is Swamp Fever. The others are easy. This is the order I used

    -Hard Rain
    -The Parish
    -Dark Carnival
    -Dead Center

  56. avatar DICK IN YOUR MOUTH


  57. avatar DICK IN YOUR MOUTH


  58. avatar hopeless 2

    i was playing this on campaign solo finished dead center then it goes to the credits so how can i play the other levels do i need to be online? play co op or what?

  59. avatar niko

    are you crazy this hard are you can kill charger and smoke in 3 sec

  60. avatar kaleb juchau

    he all you guys lets see how can kill 900 zombies in the parish you win you are the champ of left 4 dead 2

  61. avatar kaleb juchau

    the frist 5 win with 1,2,3,4and5 place it starts tomarow at 7:00 pm

  62. avatar kaleb juchau

    You don’t win you suck at left 4 dead it ends at 8:00pm on satrday. you have hours you can do it on easy,normel, hard,and exprt

  63. avatar kaleb juchau

    special infected times 2 your pionts

  64. avatar kaleb juchau

    see you later guys do the challing

  65. avatar kaleb juchau

    cang of plans the comptishin stars at 7:00am

  66. avatar Kylee juchau

    I’m sisters whith kaleb juchau so the computision starts at 8:30 pm so join us! It would mean alot to kaleb

  67. avatar Kylee juchau

    for tomorrow ok

  68. avatar kaleb juchau

    the special infected 120 pionts

    • avatar Bruno

      In the article, what I unstrdeood is that Twitterbots may have false pretenses. They can be used to manipulate people without revealing their true intentions. However, if the follower knows that what he or she follows is a bot, then in that case there is no problem. What I am up against is those ones that don’t reveal themselves as bots.

  69. avatar kaleb juchau

    tanks 405

  70. avatar Chirag

    I love your posts Su – you seem to write them just for me – lol. I have decided to keep a jraunol or what I am thankful for each day. Today I am thankful for our recent rain which has given my plants the boost they needed. Big hugs to you. Keryn x x

  71. avatar Adam

    I finally beat it on expert almost untouched until i reached the helicopter when i realized that my companion A.I. was still alive and the tank was right behind me so i had to Kite around the helicopter it sucked so bad but luckily i survived and went in the heli. I guess thats there way at getting back at me after i left them.


  72. avatar Reckless

    In DC expert, put all gas near car. By gas 4-5, Tank will appear. Take stairs on the right side ( with back against the car ) and take Tank on tour. Run and the bots will follow and fire until Tank expires. By getting the last Gas, Tank will spawn. Get the last Gas nearest the car. Use Adrenaline to load up car. Best of luck. Bots are happy go lucky, but they help some. Just the Dark Carnival expert, bots are so friggin idiotic. UGh! Help please in the last three stages by just using all bots~ possible?

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  78. avatar Gakinya

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