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Mega Man 10 might still be a couple of months away, but that hasn’t stopped Capcom from revealing the entire boss lineup for the blue bomber’s next adventure.  The full list, which debuted in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro, not only contains the names of all these mechanical monstrosities, but their attacks as well.

You can view the complete boss lineup after the jump, but as you look it over I want you to take a second and think if any of these guys sound familiar.  Their names might seem fresh and new, but their attacks lack originality, as if they have already appeared in previous Mega Man games.  Check out the list and decide for yourself though.

  • Commando Man: Attacks with a powerful explosive wave.
  • Blade Man: Attacks with three swords.
  • Nitro Man: Can transform into a motorcycle.
  • Sheep Man: Splits up and creates lightning strikes.
  • Solar Man: Absorbs attacks and attacks with solar energy from his head.
  • Chill Man: Fires an icy shot.
  • Pump Man: Has a water-themed shield weapon.
  • Strike Man: Throws a powerful fastball.

So now that you’ve taken a look at the list, can anyone explain to me why Sheep Man splits up and shoots lightening strikes?  Anyone at all?  I simply do not get it.  Also, why does Strike Man throw powerful fastballs?  Should he be called “Strike-Out Man” instead? Maybe I’m thinking too much into this.

Source: Mega Man Network


    ^ There’s your explanation for Sheep Man. That’s brilliant, if you ask me.

    As for Strike Man, well, a Fastball should HOPEFULLY result in a strike if it makes its way to the catcher. Otherwise, it’s time to call in the bullpen, lol.

    I think lack of originality in bosses is inevitable in Mega Man games; even MM9′s boss powers weren’t particularly original. The real question in my mind is how the level design holds up, and so far, it’s looking to be a lot better than MM9. I just wish that they’d bring back sliding and charged shots for MEGA MAN, not Proto Man only.

  2. I will absolutely miss the sliding.

  3. Can’t wait for this gem. But shouldn’t Strike Man be the one who commands the lightning, as in a lightning strike?

    And Sheep Man could have been a mix of everyone’s powers, for he never truly could stand out from the rest of the heard.

  4. avatar Meow

    Its obvious that with wools inherent static electricity generating properties that Sheep Mans weapon could only be Thunder Wool. Duh.

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