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Video game company MumboJumbo today revealed that they are victorious in a $4.6 million lawsuit against beloved publisher PopCap games, renowned for titles such as Plants Vs. Zombies and Peggle.  The reasons cited for said lawsuit?  Fraud and breach of contract, among other things.

“The law allows you to do plenty of things to be successful in business,” said MumboJumbo’s attorney, Marty Rose.  ”However, it does not allow you to commit fraud or interfere with a company’s business relationships. The jury’s verdict is a clear signal that this type of business conduct is not going to be tolerated.”

According to the specifics of the suit, PopCap was accused of damaging the business relationship between MumboJumbo and a “key retailer”, by spreading false statements about them.

To be honest, this in no way lessens my adoration of PopCap titles, and I will continue to buy them, as long as they continue to be as much casual fun as they have so far proven themselves to be.  What about you folks?  Has this effected the respect you had for PopCap?  Or are you too busy playing through Peggle right now to care?  Let us know in the comments.

Source: Game Informer

  1. Ah rumors and false gossip. Even in the business world people are childish.

    This definitely won’t make me second guess what I will play while on the john. Peggle ftw!

  2. Interesting. I buy all their stuff via Steam (as does pretty much everyone I know), so their relationship with MumboJumbo hasn’t meant jack to me until now. And, as long as it doesn’t mess with their future titles, I’m guessing it won’t mean jack to me after this, either.

    • avatar Michael

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