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CERO C, D, and Z games now in black boxes

The Wii shelves at Japanese retailers may start to look like piano keyboards in the near future. According to Siliconera, all Wii games from here on out that earn a CERO C, D, or Z rating (equivalent to the ESRB’s T, M, and AO respectively) will ship in lovely black cases as the one above. Naturally, Nintendo’s own Zengeki no REGINLEIV will kick off the festivities.

This serves a dual purpose. One, it should be a screaming age identifier for parents casually browsing for suitable children’s games. Second, it should help the more mature titles stand out and be more appealing. Seems that Nintendo wants to stress that Wii software is not a family-only affair.

No word yet on whether Nintendo will do the same outside of Japan. It should, though. That box is sexy.

  1. Why does black have to be the color used for more mature games filled with sex and violence? You would think Red would have been a better choice, but I guess they can’t do that since New Super Mario Bros Wii is already red. If only NSBMW was filled with sex and violence …

  2. This just screams that Nintendo is looking to break into the 360/PS3 market, while those two consoles are attempting to do the same with Natal and whatever the PS3 motion technology will be named. Interesting.

  3. avatar Qalamari

    NSMBW may not have any sex in it, but I think the turtles and goombas might take some issue with your claims that it lacks violence.

  4. If they start doing that in the states I’m totally painting my Wii black too. That’s right Nintendo… you may refuse to produce cool colors like you have since the N64 (and do for the freaking DS), but that won’t stop me. Hear that!? It won’t stop me at all.

    Laziness, on the other hand, may just stop me.

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