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The unveiling of GT5′s box art made the release of Polyphony’s forthcoming racing simulation that little more tangible, but that optimism has once again been quashed with the announcement of yet another delay.

The Japanese release date was previously pinpointed for this March, but Sony confirmed today that the game has been delayed due to production issues, and admitted it doesn’t know when the final game will be released. While this delay only applies to Japan, a European and American release date have yet to be announced, so I can only hope that this delay will result in a simultaneous worldwide release.

So there you have it: nobody has the faintest idea as to when we can expect GT5. Spiffing.

Source: Eurogamer

  1. They really just love digging themselves a huge hole. The longer they take to release GT5, the higher our expectations. The fact that Forza 4 may come out before GT5 is pathetic.

  2. avatar Jordan Garski

    The racing genre in video games has been kind of on a struggle for a long time now. Constant delays on what is the crown jewel of the racing genre* isn’t going to help anything and its only making more people not care about GT5.

    *Asterisk because I personally do not consider this the crown jewel of the racing genre. Despite it calling itself the real driving simulator I find it to be quite unrealistic, in the sense it tries so hard to be real it hurts the game and doesn’t seem real anymore.

  3. Am I the only person who saw this delay coming a mile away? What will be really sad is if one day it’s revealed that development of GT5 was hampered due to the PSP version of the game.

  4. wa wa wa, I’m not too bothered. I need to get through the new God of War and FF XIII first. Then I’ll be ready for GT. :)

    See, it’s not a “delay”. It’s a “gaming schedule change”.

  5. @Jordan: I know exactly what you’re talking about. When I tried Prologue I found it completely unrealistic how cutting the steering wheel and flooring the throttle results with a car standing still.

  6. thanks do much for sharing this.

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