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Avatar ImageGamer Limit DLC Review: Return to Ostagar
By: | January 14th, 2010 | Xbox 360
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Return to Ostagar

Dragon Age: Origins is one of the few RPGs out there that will entice you enough to play well over 60 hours and still leaving you wanting more. The recognition it received in 2009 was all well deserved – including the RPG of the year from Gamer Limit.

With promises from Bioware to support Dragon Age for two years, DLC and expansions will be far from a rarity. It’s because of this constant support that you as a gamer will need to be informed as to what DLC is worth it and what is not. Otherwise, you may end up digging quite a hole in your pocket over the next two years.

Let me preface this review with a SPOILER WARNING. Although it should be expected considering it is post-release content, there are references to events that occur up through the battle of Ostagar in the main story.

A survivor of the battle at Ostagar has escaped and is seeking the help of the Grey Wardens. The opportunity to return to the battlefield – ridden with betrayal and despair – has arisen. Exacting revenge is important for those that wish to fully recover. But honoring those that have fallen can be much more powerful. Your fallen king and mentor await you.

Having arrived in Bann Loren’s land you will be faced with a group of Bann’s men who are confronting one of the fallen King’s faithful men. The inevitable death of this lone survivor does not prevent him from providing you with some important information as his last words. You are to return to Ostagar, find the secret key that King Cailan entrusted to this man, and recover important documents as well as his armor.

Return to Ostagar

Returning to Ostagar should have been a much more rewarding and powerful event than it actually was. The linear and extremely short path through the Grey Warden’s camp and battlefield proves to be no challenge whatsoever. Every encounter, including the final boss, feels like nothing more than trash fights you were used to in the main game, which is extremely disappointing.

Since experience is not very substantial, and the weapon and armor upgrades aren’t anything to brag about, do not expect too much out of this downloadable content. Unfortunately for me, and many others, this DLC proves to be most beneficial and rewarding if completed immediately following Ostagar in the main story.

While I look forward to some of these upgrades in my second play through, the DLC just leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. Downloadable content, despite its saturation in the console market, is still a very young child. Every day it shapes itself, reinvents itself, and sets new standards. Reviewing downloadable content is truly hard to do when there is no definitive price to time/reward ratio.

To put it bluntly, Return to Ostagar is five dollars and will last you one or two hours. It poses no real challenge or overall benefit in experience and rewards. The best option would be to investigate the weapon and armor received, and see if it is worth the five dollars. However, for me, I can’t help but look around the corner at the expansion and see these upgrades as useless for my end-game characters.

Score: 6/10

  1. I’d like this just for the sense of justice and closure for that poor King.

  2. Me too. I actually like Cailan even though you only knew him for a short time. He was brash and naive, but meant well and died heroically.

  3. It’s really disappointing that BioWare has struck out on almost all DA:O DLC so far.

  4. avatar Anonymous

    The long sword and dagger you get are quite good, one the the few T7 legendary weapons.

  5. The weapons are definitely better than the armor. However, I still have a feeling they will be replaced (or not used at all depending on party options) pretty quick in the expansion.

  6. The sword you receive isn’t NEARLY as good as Starfang, and all the equipment (including the sword and dagger) were all Red Steel or Tier 5 for me. Disappointing doesn’t really cover it for me.

  7. This DLC has been pulled, so it’s now officially unavailable due to some bug fixes

  8. avatar Leothorn

    They could ve done soo much for the story too…. sitting here i can think of a much better story for the Kings end

    I was hoping that the King or Duncan had become a darkspawn and that it would be our job to purify his remains.

    …..Little did i expect to find him staked like a hunters trophy…..

    sad…. they couldve done much more even if it was a linear progress DLC

  9. Agreed Leo. Hopefully future DLC/expansion does something more than just give me fluff.

  10. I was surprised, and not in a good way. Wow, cutscenes of every already shown cutscene of Cailin. I was also hoping to go to the army camp, because it always looked quite pretty in the background but there was no chance of that.

    I reckon the other two DLC’s were better than this, though also, for some reason the developers actually seemed prouder of this one, from the additional codex entries.

  11. avatar Doomfury

    From a PC gamers perspective: I hoped for an awful lot more.

    Remembering Wardens Keep and it’s ghosts telling the story, I found myself wondering why the heck they didn’t show a ghostly King Cailan as a child growing up and then as (presumably) an adult viewing his city as the king for the first time.

    That would have provided us all with a story and might even have made us feel a little more for his death. We spoke to Cailan for about 2 minutes total if memory recalls, and that’s not enough time to care about the guy being slaughtered.

    Still it was worth the buy but it does make me think twice about buying the next one…though I did say that about Wardens Keep (Curse you EA UK for not including it in the collectors edition) as well.

  12. avatar Biowarefan

    I hate to say this, but Bioware is starting to ****. They sell us for 5$ 2,3 weapons and 1 armor set that are already in game anyway. They dont have new models and this game **** when we are talking about items.
    Where’s the fun when you find the same item over and over again (only with some collor change or some stats) that’s bullshit.
    At least from Mass efect 2 they got out all items… why dont you start making 3D movies Bioware? cause your games are starting to feel like that.
    Good story and rest bullshit.

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