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While it’s not necessarily rare for game servers for older games to be shut down, EA dropped the bomb today by announcing the server shut down of several of its titles for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 gamers. The thing that has many gamers in an uproar is that many of the included titles are the ’09 iteration of their respective games.

Usually server shutdown announcements are coupled with a healthy dose of time for gamers to patch their wounds and move on to greener and greater fields, however EA has stated that the servers for the games in the list below will be gone on February 2nd, 2010 which is exactly a month away. In addition, it seems while gamers will be able to play their games until the cut off date, many community forums and programs for the affected games will be closed before then.

EA’s official statement on the closings doesn’t leave gamers with anything better to swallow:

“All of us at EA would like to thank you for your valued participation in our online gaming community and hope that your enthusiasm for these games extends to our current lineup and beyond.”

Some of the closings are justified for sports titles which are as old as ’07, but the closing of ’09 servers makes it seem as though EA is eager to shove their $60 game down your throat and have it last only a year for online play. Sounds like sports gamers are buying subscriptions to the Madden franchise, rather than a game. Of course, this doesn’t affect single player gaming, but there’s only so much one can have against the computer, right?

Here’s the full list of games which will be affected by the February 2, 2010 cut off date.

* UEFA Champions League ’07 PC and Xbox 360
* Facebreaker x360 and PS3
* Fantasy Football ’09 x360 and PS3
* FIFA ’07 PSP, PS2, PC
* Fight Night Round 3 PS2
* Madden ’08 Wii
* Madden ’08 PC
* Madden ’09 Wii and PSP
* Madden ’09 Xbox 360 and PS3
* Madden ’07 Xbox 360
* March Madness ’07 x360
* NBA ’07 PSP, x360
* NBA ’08 PS2, PSP, Wii
* NBA ’09 Wii – Europe only
* NBA Street (2007) PS3 and Xbox 360
* NCAA Football ’08 PS2
* NCAA Football ’09 PS2
* NASCAR ’08 PS2
* NASCAR ’09 PS2
* NASCAR ’09 PS3 and Xbox 360 – Europe Only
* NFL Tour PS3 and Xbox 360
* NHL ’07 PSP and Xbox 360
* NHL ’08 PC
* Tiger Woods ’07 PC

  1. Shows just how much respect EA has for their consumers

  2. avatar Marr

    And this is why the industry move to drop support for private game servers, even declare them illegal where they can, attracts a certain suspicion.

  3. I’m not shocked at all to see the older games getting their servers shut down, but I do agree that shutting the ’09 servers down makes no sense. EA is really dropping the ball here.

  4. avatar Durr

    They’re shutting down the 2009 servers so they can force people to “upgrade” to the ’10 games. Pretty anti-consumer of them.

  5. 2009 seems a little soon but those sports games are made in a pretty anti consumer way. if it were pro consumer it would just have seasonal patches

    surely EA would make more money of these games with a WoW model – they release one madden game for $25 with $5 dollar a month subscription but the game updates season to season.

  6. This is ridiculous EA…really.

  7. avatar EAsportsCOLLECTOR

    well i think from my PC standard playen madden 08…well 2009 no show 2010 no show!!!MADDEN2011!!! PC! i think im gonne get John Madden out of retirement…. EA sports! i thought you and i and others where in the game!!!.. wheres the true heart!, poeple saying stuff…you dont care! i been playen madden and other EA sports games since 93…EA DONT SUCK…if the right poeple work for EA.. the games have a right cont….if EA has the save money.. we got the money..why not cont.!!!2k better!…

  8. avatar bigsho

    this is crap there are so many people who cant afford to pay 60 bucks for madden 10. from what i here madden 10 sucks . so i guess i will stop playing an buying ea games WHAT A JOKE

  9. avatar Tru $t.Loui$

    Ive been digging madden since 92′ my self and madden10 looks great this year. I my self EA can make it better like faster without the game freezing when your QB drop back to pass or something thats one problem for me cause it slow down game play for me. EA needs help fans out more for people that dont have on line like my self like up grading the roaster like stuff online inseped offline to. But as a reminder like GTA4 and they came out with the online version libertcity and EA can do the same for the madden gamers to. I wood like for EA to have the old school again like the throwbacks from the earl 90′ and then some inseped where u can really see the faces and names to. Just like fight night round 4 with the throwback fighters with all of the moves and then some.

    • avatar Lorrie

      It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thsnka!

    • avatar Tetet

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