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Some of you may remember my ambitious machinima car chase project Collateral Collision from last year which involved a huge collaborative effort by the Live For Speed community and countless hours of work. For those who are not familiar with it, you can watch the full movie here.

This is a bonus supplement to the aforementioned movie which details some of the cinematic inspirations that applied to the project.

My goal was to create the most authentic and definitive machinima car chase possible within the PC racing simulation Live For Speed, which drew inspiration from just about every movie car chase scene known to man. The Influences is therefore a montage of movie scenes compared against equivalent or similar scenes from Collateral Collision – I will be duly impressed if anyone can identify some of the more obscure movies featured.

  1. Deathproof, garbage day?, some old 007, and stopped the video. I’ll watch more when I get home from work.

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