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Today developer DICE confirmed that North American residents who purchase Battlefield: Bad company 2 for the Xbox 360 or PS3 will have to do some extra legwork to gain access to the shooter’s Squad Rush multiplayer mode within the the first thirty days of the games release. BC2, which arrives March 2, will only allow gamers who pre-ordered the game from GameStop to access the four vs. four Squad Rush multiplayer mode until April 1.

While this is a pretty crappy move on DICE’s part, at least gamers who pre-order BC2 will be able to invite their friends to play with them, even if they didn’t pre-order the game. Also PC gamers and gamers outside of North America will have access to this game mode without any  pre-order fuss.

As I’m sure you guys can tell, I’m pretty disgusted by all of this. I happen to believe that when you purchase something, you should have full access to it. I mean, they already have your money, why limit access? All you’re doing is hurting your fan base.

It is important to note that Army of Two: The 40th Day, which was also published by EA, restricted one multiplayer mode to gamers who pre-ordered the title. I’d be curious to see if this had any effect on the sales of the title.

What do you guys think? Is this some corporate ploy to force all gamers to shop at GameStop? Maybe I’m just an old gamer living in the new world of pre-order incentives and DLC.


  1. I hate the pre-order bonuses that actually involve game types. It is total BS. Dragon Armor is one thing, but an entire game mode? Give me a freakin’ break.

    On a side note, I’ve never played any Battlefield games. Are they worth it?

  2. How about limiting it to anyone who buys it new?

  3. avatar Young

    @ Darko it’s only for 30 days after release so if you buy the game you get the game mode but a month later. I am really anticipating Bad Company 2 the first one was fun but the multiplayer is sorta hard to get into, I’ve played an older Battlefield game and remember it being a lot of fun. It felt like so much was going on around you it was hard to feel safe anywhere inside or outside.

  4. This is more disgusting than announcing DLC for a game that has over three months until it’s release date.

  5. avatar Lopedogg

    battlefield games are so worth it. Maybe not Battlefield bad compandy 1, but BF2 for the PC and the new one coming out are pretty sweet!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality shooter. The sound in BFBC two is amazing. Surround sound is a must have.

  6. avatar Derek

    I’ve seen on other sites that this is a 30 day restriction. Does that mean we (people who didn’t pre-order it) get Squad Rush in 30 days?

  7. avatar Jiggz

    Yuh, after the 30 days, it will be released to everyone.

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