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Today is a good day.  For all of you sporting an Xbox Live membership, the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo hit the Xbox Live Marketplace this morning.  It is, in a word, fantastic.

The map available for the demo is set in Port Valdez, Alaska.  While this has been available to PC gamers for awhile now (at least to those who preordered it), it’s still nice to dive in with a 360 controller.  And for those of you with PS3′s, never fear!  The Bad Company 2 demo will hit PSN on February 11th.

The visual upgrades from Bad Company 1 to its sequel are slight, but the extra polish and refinement are breathtaking.  Valdez was a great pick to showcase some truly majestic viewpoints, particularly when you parachute into the level.  However, pictures are worth a thousand words, and the gameplay video below has lots of pictures.  They even move! Do your eyes a favor and check it out.

  1. I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve never owned a Battlefield game, but I’m absolutely picking this up.

  2. I LOVED Battlefield 2, on both PC and 360. Sadly, that’s the last one I played.

  3. I’m so worried that they’ve stripped away too much of the humor for me to really enjoy the single player, but I know I’ll sink a few hours into this one.

  4. Want this badly. Having to wait an extra week for the demo is agonising.

  5. I’ll be giving this a shot today.

  6. I just hope the look sensitivity is as smooth as in MW2, otherwise I’m all PC on this.

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