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Oh my god, Xexyz?!

Oh, Hexyz Force: A similarly difficult-to-pronounce game title, but one that has the potential to be just as awesome as that little-known NES game. Announced today by Atlus, Hexyz Force is an upcoming PSP RPG set to be unleashed upon North America in May, promising “one of the most narrative-driven portable RPGs of all-time.”

Well, when you put it like that! Read on to get all of the details on what could be a great addition to those RPG-starved North American PSPs.

Hexyz Force is a game designed to cut out the hassles of RPGs, including long load times and long battles. But while this might deceive you into thinking the game is about brevity, the developer, Sting (famous for Yggdra Union), has included two full storylines that are estimated to take players 25 hours each. Not bad!

Based on the trailer above and the description released by Atlus, this seems to be a game with some serious promise, especially for those who have been waiting for the next great PSP RPG. North Americans will get to find out if Hexyz Force is that game when it is released on May 25th, 2010.

  1. May have to pick up a PSP this year — too much RPG goodness out for it with this coming and the Persona portable titles! I<3 Atlus.

  2. avatar Justin Rei

    I love Atlus over all… they produce tons of epic rpgs, with lots of replay and enjoyablity over all consoles

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