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Today 2K Boston, of BioShock fame, announced that it has changed its name back to Irrational Games. Some of you may remember two and a half years ago when publisher 2K sought to show solidarity in it’s development studios by rebranding Irrational Games as 2K Boston and 2K Australia.

Apparently 2K has decided that studio solidarity isn’t the most important thing, and that studio identity plays a major role when gamers are deciding which games to buy. According to 2K, the rebranded studio doesn’t just bring a new logo, but also a new focus on the studio’s style and fanbase.

2K isn’t the only publisher doing this either. EA rebranded its EA Redwood Shores studio to Visceral Games back in May 09. According to EA, the name change was an attempt to help gamers identify what type of games the studio will create.

This news item really has me thinking “How big of a role does a studio’s identity play when gamers purchase games?” I know, for example, that I buy every game Valve releases because I feel that Valve has a certain level of quality, open mindedness, and artistic integrity that it implements into its games that I just don’t see in other titles produced by other studios.  Do you guys find yourselves thinking this way, or am I the only one suckered in by this genre of marketing?


  1. I definitely think that if a studio has a reputation of bringing quality, then it makes it much more attractive to purchase their games.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure why 2K Boston decided to switch back to Irrational Games; their magnum opus as Irrational Games – System Shock 2 – was played by hardly anyone, whereas Bioshock had a lot more critical and financial success.

    I admit, I’d rather see a new System Shock than a new Bioshock, but, returning to their less successful, less-known roots is indeed “irrational”, or should I say it’s a “shock”?

  2. Konami is my all time favorite developer and publisher. At least half of my games are Konami titles.

  3. 2k is popping up across games i enjoy and replay alot wether as developer or just publisher they are definately a name i associate with games i like

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