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For the past couple of years, Vigil has been working on a Warhammer 40K MMO, and its developments have been very hush hush.  Nearly everything about this game has been a mystery, until now.  Earlier this morning Kotaku received a handful of drawings of what gamers may be playing in the next year if not later.

As stated, the details about Warhammer 40K are fairly scare, but there’s nothing like a good sci-fiction MMO to get your heart racing; that is, if we ever see one.  While optimism about the next great MMO is at a very low point, I’m personally wishing Vigil the best in their endeavor to create a rival to World of Warcraft.  One of these days we’ll see the beast fall.

For all your Warhammer 40,000 concept art, check out Kotaku for the latest.

  1. I don’t really have any interest in the game, but I do want a suit of that armor to wear around in real life. That shit looks bad ass!

  2. Blizzard has confirmed at Blizcon that they are working a on new secret MMO. I wonder is its “World of Starcaft” and I wonder Blizzard will steam roll yet another MMO genre. Though I’d def play 40k if they ever finish it!

  3. I think Blizzard already stated that the new MMO would be an entirely created from a entirely new story than any of their other 3 major hits.

  4. Oh? Did they? That might a mistake with massive player bases from SC and Diablo.

  5. They are releasing new versions of both SC and Diablo to appease those player bases though, and if they can establish a brand anything near their big three, then well done them.
    Looking forward to the 40K game though, with Joe Mad at the helm, it’ll certainly look awesome. I asked him about this game at ComicCon last year, he didn’t give anything away though…

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