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[Each week, our goal is to scour our news posts, Gamer Limit blogs, and our forums looking for topics that make us laugh, sit in shock, or just sit in confusion making us ask the question: WTF?  The top three stories from the Gamer Limiters who make us evoke those reactions will be featured in our brand new editorial called Three Jeers of the Week. So c'mon Limiters, if you find something interesting, let us know about it.  You could be the feature for everyone to see.]

To pick-up right where we left off last week, I have searched Gamer Limit looking for the most shameful posts, and, let me tell you, I struck gold.  If you dare to look at the filth underneath the video game industry’s glitz and glamor, I’m sure you’ll be just as appalled or laughing hysterically as I was.  Either way, read on for the dirty truth.

1 Jeer – The World’s Catchiest Video Game Theme

This week’s first jeer goes to Michael Carusi, who can’t seem to write a philosophical essay about Socrates because the theme song to Battlefield Heroes is stuck in his brain.  Thus, he had to share it with the rest of us, and now I’m perpetuating the cycle by promoting it as well.

Socrates said it best, “I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether.”  Thank you EA for delivering one of the most addictive tunes ever.

Check out Carusi’s Red Mage Gaming blog for other great finds.

2 Jeers – Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend)

The real world can sometimes be a solitary place for us gamers, and we all need a bit of lovin’ from time to time.  Real Girlfriend has exploited the kink in our armor and managed to create an ideal, artificial, virtual girlfriend whom we can exploit as well.  As insulting as it may seem, there’s just something so alluring about a product like this.

3 Jeers – Popular video game writer arrested

Science fiction writer Peter Watts of Homeworld and Crysis has been arrested by US authorities for allegedly assaulting an officer.  When are Canadians going to learn that United States police officers are real badasses, unlike happy-go-friendly Canadian cops?

You have to admit it though, when knowing nothing about the gaming industry, having documents and scripts that read out like the next terrorist attack coupled with an alien invasion has to sound a bit obscure.  Shame on the mix up for putting you in that situation; hopefully everything works itself out.  Cheers!

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