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Office Space beatdown

[Each week, our goal is to scour our news posts, Gamer Limit blogs, and our forums looking for topics that make us laugh, sit in shock, or just sit in confusion making us ask the question: WTF?  The top three stories from the Gamer Limiters who make us evoke those reactions will be featured in our brand new editorial called Three Jeers of the Week. So c'mon Limiters, if you find something interesting, let us know about it.  You could be the feature for everyone to see.]

To kick things off, I’d like to open up by asking the question: what does Australia, Asian girlfriends, and a children’s charity have in common?  Nothing really, but they did make it into Gamer Limit’s first ever Three Jeers of the Week.  So read on if you dare.

1 Jeer – No Aliens vs. Predator for Australia

If Left 4 Dead 2′s ban in Australia wasn’t bad enough, Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has put the hex on another AAA title, Alien Vs. Predator. While I understand the importance of ratings placed on bloodshed and violence is important, it’s an entirely different story when a game is considered illegal based on an antiquated system that adheres to 15 year olds.  Here’s to you OFLC, you gain Gamer Limit’s first ever Jeer.

2 Jeers – Asian Girlfriend Destroys PS3

This is what I like to call a classic tale of two cities.  Man sits on couch all day playing Ghostbusters on his PS3, girlfriend reacts by smashing his PS3 to bits and pieces, and domestic violence ensues.  When I see videos such as this, my first reaction is FAKE! But this surely had me convinced this is no gimmick.  Either that or they are really good actors.  On a side note, Asian girlfriends have a dark side, particularly the Asian American ones whose parents are immigrants.  Believe me, I know from experience dude.

3 Jeers - So…This Just Happened

If you don’t know already, our editors and writing staff have been highly involved with this year’s Child’s Play Charity by promoting our own gaming marathon called Piece of Heart.  After playing the same game for more than 30 hours straight, people tend to go a little crazy.  As the Simpsons once said, “We like to work hard, but we also like to play hard!”

There are some things two grown men should never do to each other and giving lap dances for children’s charity events falls into the category.  Here’s to us receiving three jeers for the week.  Cheers!

  1. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

    Also, maybe if asian girl’s boyfriend were to take an obsessive interest in Australian politicians she would go over and destroy them, paving the way for a new ratings system AND giving that guy a chance to play games in peace. Two birds with one insane stone.

  2. “get me a drink” must have been what gave her that last push LOL

  3. That Asian lass is one crazy mofo. She’d be out the door quick toot if I was that bloke.

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