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Well, those people who still maintain that Left 4 Dead 2 is an expansion are about to be really confused, as Valve today announced the first of its DLC add-ons for the popular zombie apocalypse simulator.

The ironic part? It’s expanding by looking backward, tapping the four survivors from the first game for encore appearances.

But that’s not all–not by a long shot. Check out the rest of the post below to get the gory details.

Entitled “The Passing,” this expansion promises a new campaign that adds a vital layer to the ongoing story of the series, bringing the two separate groups of survivors together for the first time. At this point, it is unclear exactly what this interaction will be, but we can all hope that it’s much more than, “Oh, look, four other people who aren’t zombies.”

In addition, a new mode is promised that is billed as a “challenge mode,” and new content will be offered for survival, versus and scavenge modes.

No pricing has been announced as of now, but you can expect more information before long. Until then, keep those katana and chainsaw skills up to snuff–you might be passing them on to some new friends early in 2010.

  1. An intervention mode for Louis?

    “Even the horde’s worried about you.”

  2. Wait a second. L4D2 is not an expansion. I’m thoroughly confused. I guess that’s a good thing, because if it was, than this would be the expansion of an expansion and that would probably cause the universe to implode or something.

  3. Not really impressed, to be honest. I’m excited to get it for free on PC, but my wife’ll probably have to do without it, given that it’s most likely $10-15 on the 360.

  4. Meta-expansion? Man, the crazies must have a serious headache right now.

  5. I’m interested to see what they’ll be doing. Right now, I’m playing this game day in and day out just so I feel as though I get my moneys worth, and that’s not the way it should be.

  6. I hate that I simply don’t care about anything to do with L4D2 just because the Aussie version is grade-A shite.

  7. I’ll buy it. Got a funky little feeling we may finally see some 8 on 8 versus. How else would they tie in the other 4 survivors in a way that we’ll actually care?

    • avatar Ballsack T. Banghard

      Not gonna happen. The problem is with the zombie hodes. They will need to produce a larger horde. It is already choppy in the 8v8 modded servers.

  8. avatar Seph


    Grade-A shite is very easily replaced with Grade-A zomg#@$!

    There are multitudes of online retailers with the uncensored version for sale. Some, like Gamestop, even offer a digital download option. Others, like CDWow (Australian based.. oh the irony) simply sell import games aswell as locally released versions.

    Got my copy in a 4-pack from the NZ Steam store, though according to several sources, valve changed their checking mechanisms and that’s no longer possible without the use of a proxy or someone in the country in question to purchase and gift it.

    I too immediately thought of 8v8 versus and 8 player campaign modes. An exciting prospect indeed.

  9. avatar shane Morin

    so i have a question did the 8vs8 will realy exite , beacause im confuse and when it will be downloadable on the xbox live store please answerd me by a e-mail at

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