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Today developer Turbine announce that it has officially launched a new digital expansion for the MMO The Lord of the Rings Online.

Dubbed “Siege of Mirkwood,” the new expansion adds a boat load of new content. Some notable additions include: an “increased level cap, the new region of Mirkwood including the legendary evil fortress of Dol Guldur, major enhancements to combat and Legendary Items and the introduction of Skirmishes.” These Skirmishes are “randomized, repeatable instances where players will train customizable soldiers and take them into battle as part of the War of the Ring.”

To hear what the Executive Producer has to say and to check out a more detailed list of features, read on.

Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online stated, “Today we unveil LOTRO’s second major expansion and let players enter the legendary forest of Mirkwood and experience the climax and conclusion to Volume II of our epic story. The response from our players and the press has been nothing short of outstanding and serve as a real validation of LOTRO’s position as one of  the world’s premium online games.”


  • The Epic Conclusion to Volume II: Mines of Moria™ – Under the command of Celeborn and Galadriel, players will fight through vast armies of Orcs alongside the Elves of Lórien in a battle that will take them to Dol Guldur, the fortress of the Ringwraiths.  This update includes Book 9 and the Epilogue to the sweeping epic tale begun with the award-winning Mines of Moria expansion.
  • Increased Level Cap — Players will be able advance their characters up to level 65, gaining access to new traits, virtues, skills and class quests.
  • Join Epic Battles on Demand! – Jump into the heat of battle with the new Skirmishes feature.  Skirmishes offer endless action in repeatable, randomized instances where players can create and lead customizable soldiers into battle, training them to greater skill as they earn victories against the forces of shadow.  Answer the call of war wherever violence erupts with the new “Skirmish Join” function that lets players and their fellowships band together to fight in various locations throughout Middle-earth.
  • Take up Arms! – Infiltrate the dark jails, deadly arenas and savage stables of Dol Guldur, the fortress of the Ringwraiths, and strike a blow against Sauron’s forces in new 3 and 6-player instances.  Call upon your fellows to adventure into the most deadly 12-player raid yet and face the ultimate challenge – the Nazgûl Lord!
  • Major Gameplay Enhancements – Turbine continues to improve the award-winning experience of LOTRO with major improvements to the combat and Legendary Items systems.  Players will experience improved responsiveness when in the heat of battle.  Players will also be able to create and craft their own customized Second and Third Age Legendary Items from raw materials and grow their weapons’ power to level 60.  Achieve new Legacies, new titles, and a fourth Runic slot that will make Legendary Items even more unique and powerful.

For more info on Siege of Mirkwood, click here.

  1. People still play that game! Geez, I wonder if they’re still funding servers and development from investors or if the community is big enough to sustain itself. Last I heard they were down to 50k subscribers. I think I read their all time high peak was 300k users back in 07.

  2. avatar joshy

    this game is still going very strong and it was quoted early this year that the game is growing in numbers and i have recently re-subbed and have noticed many new players coming through the game i also believe this is still the strongest contendor behind WoW in subs although aion has overtaken it now but i believe that game is losing numbers of subscribers daily

  3. avatar Sarcastamissitic

    Wow.. is all i can say. I am not a “lifetime membership” holder and I have been told that am critical about everything… but to call this a ‘Major’ expansion that introduces alot of new content… not so much. Is there new areas.. yep.. is there new skills… sorta.. BUT.. along with that comes a slew of new issues.

    As i have only been playing the expansion for 3 days now.. alot of that time i have been lagged out to the point of exasperation.. there is really not all that much content to call it ‘Major’.

    Moria was ‘major’, it was huge, it WAS epic to the point of being worth spending the money to repurchase or upgrade your account. Most of the new content is not available to players that haven’t purchased the upgrade and the new content that takes place on the old areas.. well players are SOL on that as well… if they want to capitalize on it.

    The skills are rehashes, and from my kinmates that have different classes, the only one that i have heard is any good is the minstrels class. The hunter gets a port to the new area.. so that is beneficial.. not really all that imaginative.. but beneficial.

    New virtues.. haven’t seen them.. i have seen that you can gain more in some of the old virtues, BUT, with the cap still at 10, as it was for the MoM expansion.. what is the point of giving you more of something that you can’t use anyway.. is it gonna change, who knows.

    Server load.. is mediocre at best.. the product stayed in ‘Beta’ for a while and maybe they didn’t get the amount of players necessary to do an extreme test.. BUT.. the players that are paying for the content.. are asked to be patient as a half baked, roughly polished product was released to the world.. which is becoming the common thing..sadly enough. Whats with the idea of throw it out there and perform major changes in stride to something playable.

    The skirmish system is pretty great.. great concept.. fun.. but for how long.. is it gonna get better in the coming months.. maybe… don’t know. The reward system for it is pretty..not so wonderful. It gives you ‘Skirmish Points’ that are stackable in your already overfull bags.. and allows you to buy up and down and across to gain the type of things that you are interested in buying,which were reskins from other pieces.. and rather non-useful if you are already at the old ‘Cap level’ of 60. Nothing really to take away from there. The skirmishes themselves are fun… for now.

    I am writing this review as i sit, and once again, wait for the servers to be down, hotfixed and brought back up. The reason that i like playing in the morning is that most people are elsewhere and i don’t have to spawncamp to get the kills that i need to wait for a major boss to be open for slaying.. BUT.. someone had the bright idea of dropping it in the middle of the day when most, that can play, are waiting to.. oh and they just extended it from 0900-1100 to 0900 to 1 pm. Lucky us..

    So.. first impression.. eh.. play it in a month when it is refined and the user forces the designer to make something that we waited months for and had to pre-purchase with the illusions of excitement..

    Or.. don’t and save you some green for the next best thing..

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