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For those who live and die by Team Fortress 2, there’s something new to get excited about.  As you all know, Valve has been continually releasing small updates and patches for the game that has prolonged the lifespan for much longer than anyone would have imagined.

Well, those crazy tech-savvy geniuses have given us something new to get excited about: crafting abilities.  That’s right, now you can turn useless weapons and excessive hardhats into scrapping metal.  Read on for more information.

If you thought all those duplicate hats and weapons in your inventory were incredibly useful before, man, were you wrong… Think of blueprints as recipes, but instead of making Chicken Cordon Bleu, they makes guns! And hats! And Sandviches, which in retrospect would have helped our analogy better if we’d mentioned that first.

All the excess gear you’ve earned throughout your trials will now have a proper use.  Instead of sitting in your inventory waiting patiently for nothing to happen, you can now turn it into scrap.  What you do with that scrap is up to you to discover.  Happy hunting people.

Source: Team Fortress 2 Blog

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