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Steam had a great Black Friday sale for gamers, offering up to 80% off of many select titles, but this new sale, which is targeting last minute shoppers, has some of the best deals we’ve seen on Steam to date.

They’re reviving the 24-hour deal practice, which will continue on until January 3rd,  so you can be sure you’ll be reloading your Steam store page well after all the turkey and ham has been digested and you’ve popped the top on that bottle of champagne.

In addition to the massive discount on select games, Steam is also offering great discounts on packs from certain publishers, such as JoWood, 2K games, THQ, and Rockstar. This is undoubtedly where you’ll find the best deals, but lots of individual games have had their prices severely slashed. In case you’re wondering which games are a great deal for the buck, here are just a few highlights:

There’s a great mix of both indie and popular titles on sale, so if you’re shopping for a gamer, or you’re looking to score some sweet deals for your friends, now is the week to do so.

  1. Man, I really need a Steam account. Braid and World of Goo for THAT cheap? Sweet!

  2. Agreed, Braid is an awesome title. And GTAIV is ludicrously cheap!

  3. I grabbed myself some Indigo Prophecy for 3.39. Nice. Very nice.

  4. I already own almost all of these games, but wow are those some incredibly good deals.

  5. I’m buying Braid right this moment.

    • avatar Nurhan

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  6. All these titles-except Mirrors Edge- would be awesome gifts

  7. @Ferahtsu
    Why wouldn’t Mirror’s Edge be a good gift? It’s a great game, yes, it is let down in a few areas, but no more than most of the other games on that list.

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