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Today Square Enix announced that it has started to accept beta sign ups for Final Fantasy 14, the second MMO in the Final Fantasy  series. In order to participate, PC gamers need to head over to the official site and register.

According to the site’s FAQ, “Please note that users will be selected by random from all applications for the beta test.” In order to participate you must be over 18 years old and you can only apply once. Square has stated that they plan to roll out the beta in waves, which means that if you don’t get in right away, don’t fret.

There is a PS3 beta planned, but Square says that it will take place at a later time.

Final Fantasy 14 is currently slated to arrive on the PS3 and PC sometime in 2010.


  1. Just signed up. Hopefully this time around I can get a go, seeing as I didn’t get chosen for the FFXI one.

  2. I’m skeptical of any game that even goes near the MMO throne WoW has lately. I like to give every game a chance to surprise me, but it’s going to take a lot for any MMO – even with a big name like Final Fantasy – to compete.

  3. Just signed up; hopefully I get picked and that its better than XI.

  4. I gotta get me one of these!

  5. Anyone else start whistling along to the song on the website?

    Just me then yeah? :P

  6. avatar mack

    dose anyone know when the beta testers get selected for the pc version any information would be great if you have info i signed up about 1 week ago how do they do it do they give you the programe to download or mail you a cd

  7. avatar mack

    or cantact me via youtube thegamingdude01

  8. avatar The Watcher

    if that was truly a leak, then why do I think its just a hoax to hack people…even with the beta download material, you cant just simply hop into the game uninvited. The GM’s will be monitoring that stuff. dont fall for a trick. just go to the official website and sign up.

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