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British Crysta

Because Microsoft points, filling your PlayStation Wallet, American dollars, and yen are just too complicated for online game payments, Square Enix has invented its own currency.  No, not gil.

It’s called Crysta, and it will be used exclusively by Square Enix for downloading games and soundtracks off of their websites and microtransactions in Square Enix games.  The program is Japan-only for now, but it will hit the States soon enough.

The simplest/dumbest part: one Crysta = one yen.  Instead of converting your money to something new, simply replace the yen symbol in the price tag of a Square Enix game with the Crysta symbol; it will probably look something like this.  Enjoy the future.

Source: Siliconera

  1. But when they bring it over to the states, it’ll probably be 2 dollars for 2 crysta. And seriously, Crysta? You passed up on Gil for THAT?

    • avatar Maxim

      I went to and I would NOT give them my cc info. There is no means of itnidifyeng them as a secure site, like the BBB award or a link to pay pal anything like that. And they offer to over look your bad credit to give you credits? Hmmmmm i would say they had bed credit themselves, check out the better Business bureau and see if they have any complaints on em.

  2. This just sounds like a horrendously bad idea.

  3. Well, Merry Crystmas to Square Enix, I guess. Hooray for trying to trick gamers into purchasing a bunch of currency that they can only use in one place and will very likely never use.

  4. Its just a marketing move. They want people to have extra money in their account they’ll never use and probably can’t refund. Its the same theory as buying “tickets” for the carnival. 20 tickets for $20, but all the prices are designed so that you always end up with left over tickets you can’t use, and all the food/drink stations only take cash.

    Also it helps you disassociate with it being worth anything. 8 tickets for a Ferris wheel ride doesn’t sound like much, but $8 bucks sounds like a ripoff. Same philosophy, and probably exactly why everyone creates their own online currency.

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