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If there has ever been a time for Australian gamers to punch the air in excitement, or flip the bird at Michael Atkinson, it is now.

The Attorney-General’s Department has officially released a consultation reform paper entitled “An R18+ Classification for Computer Games – Public Consultation”

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“The Commonwealth Government has released a discussion paper which briefly summarises the key arguments for and against an R18+ classification for computer games. Censorship Ministers have considered the issue of an adult classification for computer games on several occasions. However, they have not undertaken public consultation on this issue.

Submissions are being sought on whether the Australian National Classification Scheme should include an R18+ classification category for computer games. Submissions can be made by downloading and completing the submission template. Submissions may also be mailed or faxed. The discussion paper and submission template contain the contact details for making a submission”

The closing date for submissions is February 28, 2010, so I’m certain that we will be hearing a lot more about this in the near future.

[Update]: Gamer Limit Australia will forward a formal submission to the public discussion by the first week of January. We will, of course, post it for your public discourse in due course.

  1. Thank God. The situation over there sounds really nuts, so it’s good to see any movement in the right direction. Fight the good fight!

  2. Here’s to hoping that this leads to some real change!

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