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Avatar ImagePSPGo: To Catch A Robber?
By: | December 22nd, 2009
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The love hate relationship fans have with the PSPGo isn’t really surprising considering how much controversy has surrounded the machine since its announcement, but the machine has received much love from an owner who goes by the online handle psich0m4n.

According to the gamer, a robber broke into his home and completely cleaned him out, stealing all of his games and consoles, even going so far as to jack the components and camera for his PS3. However, the thief was unaware that the PSP which remained in the gamer’s possession was linked to his PS3, which results in a pretty funny account of game recovery.

Here is the original post which was posted on an online forum by psich0m4n.

“So this past Wednesday Dec 16th somebody broke into my apartment while I was at work and stole about 24 ps3 video games, 45 ps3 games, 52 snes games, all of my consoles including my PS3 and components including a PS3 camera. What the thieve didn’t know is that I had my PS3 connected to my PSP. As some of you know, once you hook up your PSP to your PS3 you can remotely control your PS3 through your PSP through a local or internet connection. I tried every day, every hour to see if by any chance the thieve connected the PS3 to the internet, surely on Friday Dec 18th at around 11:30pm I was able to turn on the PS3 from my home by using my PSP using my internet connection. I opened a chat room, turned on the camera and surely enough I got to see a close look at the thieves face! (probably looking at it wondering why the PS3 had turned on by itself!!!), with my digital camera readily available I took a picture of the PSP screen with the thieves face!! Called the police and they quickly recognized the person!!!! LONG STORY SHORT, I GOT MY PS3 WITH NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER AND ALL OF MY GAMES WERE RECOVERED!. “

Congrats on getting your things back, buddy.

  1. Awesome story. Read a story a while back about a person and their stolen MacBook. Same situation and ending.

  2. That is awesome, glad he got his stuff back.

  3. SONY WIN. Your move, Microsoft

  4. Hahahaha! What an idiot, I love stories where criminals get owned!

  5. avatar colleen

    Love this story, if only all possessions could trace us back to the thief.

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