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PoHHeaderAs the last post mentioned, staff participation is all focused on the marathon at the moment, even those not playing are in the chat keeping the camp fires burning. Well, that and urging on any silliness, drunkenness and all over kinds of ness.

We have seen sleep deprivation turned into a challenge of who can stay awake longest; our very own Chase Cook has been on the receiving end of cake to the face, corndog to the face and a Nick Simberg to the…everywhere.

The score currently stands at Team America winning the first game, with the second and third being classed as a draw. At the moment of typing this Australia are winning the fourth game, but with James playing can they hold on to the lead?

We are hitting the home stretch now, so watch the Ratchet and Clank marathon here, tune in, get chatting and most importantly; donate.

  1. Hope the snoozers are getting penises drawn on their faces. Grats on reaching the goal!

  2. avatar Kim

    During holidys next time, please. Having to go straight from gaming to work with no sleep was not a happy time >_<

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