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For wannabe attorneys that need a big screen for their courtroom antics, Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright is coming to WiiWare.  According to Nobuooo, “The first trilogy is due out in early 2010 in Japan.”

Check out the debut trailer for the game above, complete with a ridiculously over-the-top Japanese family enjoying the new Wii-exclusive motion controls.  According to the final frames, pricing appears to be set at 900 points.

I believe this is an update of the Nintendo DS games with new controls…?  (Sorry, my kanji translation is a little rusty.)  Whether it’s a remake or an original entry in the series, however, it’s sure to capture the fun and charm of its handheld brethren.

Source: GoNintendo via Nobuooo

  1. Take that! I love the AA games. I heard that this is just the remake with Wiimote controls. Maybe after they release all of the current games on Wiiware, they could come up with some new cases.

  2. Yeah, there are new controls, cos you can object by swinging the remote. I guess that counts…Either way, I may or may not buy these, but this is cool, because it might point at the possibility of the games moving to Wii from here on out.

  3. avatar Jazzman


    *Controller flys from hand*

    • avatar Yadav

      Now I don’t know about this game. But I am sick of games getting the AO riatng it sucks because some bad ass games get taken off store shelfs because people think timmy mite see some boobs how about this mom don’t buy timmy the game and if u are going to say a friend gave it to him how about this take away the system its you who exposed hum to this so in a way you made your own demons or you could teach them responsibility I saw south park the movie when I was 5 my first porno when I was 7 and I did not get in trouble in school I was fine because my parents teached me right from wrong what I am saying is don’t blame the game blame the parents

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