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While most developers are still on holiday, the good folks over at BioWare are hard at work. How do i know this? Today the developer released a new ‘Developer Dispatch’ video discussing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Specifically this video discusses the design decision behind the game’s dark side characters. Apparently there are two Sith classes, the sorcerer-esque Inquisitor (think Emperor Palpatine) and the Lightsaber welding Sith Warrior à la Darth Vader. According to the video, the Sith Warrior  is you go to guy when it comes to direct confrontation. The Inquisitor, on the other hand, is better suited for the political war.

Personally I love these kinds of videos. For a long while I wanted to be a game designer. Unfortunately for me, that kind of work requires talent. Regardless of my career choices, I still love to hear developers talk about why they make the decisions they make. What do you guys think of these ‘Developer Dispatch’ videos? Are they successful at building hype, or are they there just to stroke the developers egos?


  1. This is sick. Great find, Alex!

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