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Last night Sony announced, via PlayStation blog, that a new Eye of Judgment game is heading to the PSP.

Dubbed The Eye of Judgment Legends, the digital collectible card game is slated to arrive sometime this Spring. Like it’s big brother on the PS3, EoJL “combines card trading, magic and adventure.”

EoJL features over 300 different trading cards including thirty that are brand new to the series. Due to being on the PSP, EoJL will not utilize the PlayStation Eye peripheral or physical cards. Instead players will be able to purchase cards via DLC off of the PlayStation Store. The strategy game will also allow players to trade cards from PSP to PSP via wireless connection. Players will also unlock new cards by defeating online opponents.

Personally I love these kinds of digital CCG’s. I used to be real big into Magic: The Gathering back when I was a kid. Now thanks to modern responsibilities (aka paying the rent and going to school) I don’t have enough time to get into games like that any more. Video games like the Eye of Judgment series allow me to get back into CCG’s without spending all my time trying to find people to play against.


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