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Avatar ImageMega Man 10 is happening
By: | December 10th, 2009
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Mega Man 10 is happening

Rocky Balboa had one good fight left in him. After demonstrating to a brash young Mason Dixon that old people can still bring the noise, the Italian Stallion hung up his gloves for good. However, there is another Sly Stallone character who after making a literal killing coming out of retirement desires to embark upon a fifth adventure.

Mega Man is more like John Rambo in this regard.

Nintendo Power has just revealed that Mega Man 10 is on its way to WiiWare sometime in 2010. PSN and XBLA releases have yet to be confirmed, but it’s pretty much a sure thing.

This latest entry is keeping in line with last year’s Mega Man 9 by retaining that old-time 8-bit flavor. New bits include three selectable characters — Mega Man, Proto Man, and an unnamed third — from the get-go, and a Robot Master modeled after a common barnyard denizen (Sheep Man).

You know, a cluster of folks were not pleased that Mega Man 9 went backwards instead of forwards, but I insist (and will debate you ’til your eardrums rupture) that it was the only way to do the ailing franchise justice. Now that Capcom has succeeded in finding the spark that made the Blue Bomber’s early exploits so successful, perhaps the company will be a little more freeform in Mega Man 10‘s development to avoid the Mega Man 2 remake complaints.

I shall now engage fanboy mode and froth at the mouth until I pass out.

  1. Possible third hero:

    Bass – Established in Power Fighters timeline as an anti-hero
    Zero – Pre Maverick insanity: fights against Wily, found by Light
    Duo – An obvious possible choice
    Roll – Fitted for battle to help Mega Man
    King – To tie-in Mega Man and Bass (not likely)

  2. Sheep.


    Isn’t there talk about a completely vertical level as well? That’s just bananas. In a good way. Harry Belafonte style.

  3. “I shall now engage fanboy mode and froth at the mouth until I pass out.”

    What he said. I’m hoping for a Bass appearance, myself.

  4. avatar Jordan Garski

    I’d like a “Alpha Model” Zero being a villain in this game.

  5. @Jordan
    What if Alpha Zero is good, taken in by Light, and dies to Beta Zero (who starts the X series at the end of Mega Man 10, and is the final boss).


  6. I can’t be assed to find the quote right now, but Inafune said that he has no idea where the “Zero wakes up kills everyone” theory came from. Obviously it’s from Bob and George and it snowballed from there. That’s not what happened.

  7. I have some faith that this will be better than Mega Man 9, but MM9 had many problems in my eyes.

  8. @Tony
    True, but Zero is also a Wily robot: it makes the most sense. Did Inafune do Power Fighters/Battles?

    I think he’s kind of lost control of a lot of Mega Man’s continuity at this point, given that he didn’t even work on X6.

  9. avatar Jordan Garski

    Well it is established that Zero was made by Wily. Perhaps MM10 could at least introduce the threat of Zero and perhaps lead Dr Light to start designs on X as a counter threat to Zero as well as being the “super emotional learning jesus machine”

  10. I still can’t finish MM9, that game just kicks the shot outta me. *sadface*

  11. MM9 was freakin’ incredible, and this game will hopefully be even better. Long live 8-bit Mega Man games!!!

  12. Where the HELL is Castlevania: Rebirth!

  13. A new Castlevania would pwn Mega Man

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