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MAG Beta 5

Have you ever wanted to get your 256-player shooting on, but haven’t been able to get your hands on one of the many, many beta codes floating around the Internet? Well, do not despair, gentle soldier, for your time has come.

Zipper Interactive announced today that its upcoming online FPS, MAG, has gone gold. To commemorate this development milestone, Zipper will be opening up the previously closed beta to anyone with a PS3 and an internet connection, including all territories where PSN is available.

Read on to get the full details and learn how you can be another pretty face in a 256-player crowd.

If you like simplicity, then you’re going to love the sign-up process (or lack thereof) for what Zipper is calling “MAG Beta 5.” The beta file will be freely available on the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow, December 22nd. Just download it like you would with any other file, launch the file, and then wait for what’s likely going to be an extremely long time as the approximately 2GB file downloads. Based on the speed of most title updates that I’ve sat through recently, this download should take about two weeks to complete.

The timing will prove to be rather perfect, though, as the beta program doesn’t start until January 6th. But once you’re granted access, you can look forward to trying out two of the game’s modes: Domination, which allows the fabled 256-player battles, and the smaller 64-player Sabotage mode. You had better get those bullets flying with the quickness, though, as the beta program is set to end on January 10th.

MAG will be released on January 26 in North America and Asia, January 28 in Japan, and January 29 in Europe.


  1. Played this in the first beta a couple months back. Really enjoyed it.

    Problem with a beta of this though is that those that I actually played with are strategic which makes the games more fun and organized. Once all the CoD fanboys jump ship to this game, it will be ruined.

    So enjoy it while you can! Free!

  2. I wish I was interested in playing this game, but I’m really not. Maybe I’ll give the beta a try and that will change my mind.

  3. I’m gonna hop on this sometime today if anyone else wants to join

  4. avatar Kevin Treaster

    I’m gonna have to agree with Kevin. I played the first beta when there was actually strategic game play and have to agree that it was much more fun then when the public beta opened up and let everyone in. When that happened you had everyone running around just trying to get kills instead of actually completing the objective of the match.

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