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Join myself, Chase, Chris and Shawn as we discuss some of our favorite games of 2009 and the past decade.

Later in the show, marvel at the terrible misogynistic underbelly of the cast as we try to wrap our heads around in-game relationships, and Chase’s inability to satisfy fictional women.

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Share your personal games of the year below, and make sure you comment out next episode’s Pre-show Discussion post.

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  1. Good show. I for one think that the future shows should be as long as this one. You seemed to have a lot more time to get off topic, but still discuss everything you planned for.

    And i’ve got one vote here to remove Chase from the show…he is starting to get out of control.

  2. Listening to the podcast is just painful, I want to disagree with you all at so many points, maybe next week.

  3. It is and that is exactly why I think you should have a monthly live podcast where we can chat with you like during Piece of Heart. That way rather than face palming every time Chase speaks I can just tell him to shut the hell up.

  4. Great opening to the podcast! I absolutely loved it.

  5. TH3? I mean, it was excellent, but GotDecade? No way. Silent Hill 2 is much better as far as evoking the mind and emotion in my opinion. It’s also my favorite game of the decade, if I had to pick. My favorite game might have to be Fallout 3 though. Although, I don’t think it’s groundbreaking enough to be GotD.

    Persona 4? DMC3? FFXII at least brought the whole MMO style of RPG to a console platform (even though it shouldn’t be a contender for GotD).

    I agree with GTAIII and Diablo 2 being important additions to the video game world. I would argue that Arkham Asylum was pretty important too. It is the first super hero game that actually felt like you were playing a movie – the whole point of 99% of super hero games. All of these have set a standard for the future (some of which we’re experiencing now).

    Shadow of the Colossus is amazing. I agree with everything that was said about it.

    You guys should do a weekly podcast if you can find more things to talk about.

  6. “I was raping my GameCube controller to get him back in the boat.” Hahaha, quote of the year right there Chase.

    Ditto about Borderlands being a huge let down this year. Rarely do I have buyer’s remorse, but that game gave it to me like it has herpes.

  7. resident evil 5 was awesome – played it through with my girlfriend and it was just a really good story based co-op experience

  8. chris feels my love for th3 – although i may not of gone as far as claiming intelectual penetration

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